Industrial Maintenance

First Edition
Author: Michael E. Brumbach
ISBN #: 0766826953
©2004   Publish Date: 07/30/2003
Binding: HB
Pages: 800
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $199.95


Designed for the "jack of all trades" technician, this unique book covers all five major areas of industrial maintenance knowledge -general, mechanical, electrical, welding, and preventive maintenance- in one complete volume! More than 700 photos and illustrations throughout complement the information that multi-crafted technicians need to know within each of these major subject areas. This book covers everything from basic information on safety, tools, industrial print reading and electrical theory to the inner workings of machinery and equipment so technicians can understand and effectively diagnose, troubleshoot, and provide preventive maintenance on industrial machines. Coverage is comprehensive in nature and is arranged in a modular format to make finding information quick and easy, making this an excellent reference for both the novice and the experienced technician.

Product Benefits:

  • safety and caution elements draw attention to important protection considerations and highlight the potential for danger in various situations on the job
  • "A Typical Day in Maintenance" features at the start of each section tie into the five major areas of industrial maintainance knowledge, introducing readers to common issues of problem-solving where they must first "check it out" to identify the problem, then "work it out" by answering questions that encourage critical thinking necessary for making real-world diagnoses
  • the corresponding Workbook provides "hands on" exercises and useful applications that facilitate learning and comprehension
  • an Instructor's Guide provides answers to review questions from the book, plus solutions to exercises in the Workbook
  • an e.resource contains PowerPoint materials, a computerized test bank, a library of images from the book, and sample course syllabus for each chapter

Table of Contents:

Preface.About The Authors.Acknowledgements.Section 1: General Knowledge.Chapter 1 - Safety.Chapter 2 - Tools.Chapter 3 - Fasteners.Chapter 4 - Industrial Print Reading.Section 2: Mechanical Knowledge.Chapter 5 - Mechanical Power Transmission.Chapter 6 - Bearings.Chapter 7 - Coupled Shaft Alignment.Chapter 8 - Lubrication.Chapter 9 - Seals and Packing.Chapter 10 - Pumps and Compressors.Chapter 11 - Fluid Power.Chapter 12 - Piping Systems.Section 3: Electrical Knowledge.Chapter 13 - Electrical Fundamentals.Chapter 14 - Test Equipment.Chapter 15 - Electrical Circuits.Chapter 16 - Wiring Methods.Chapter 17 - Transformers and Power Distribution.Chapter 18 - Electrical Machinery.Chapter 19 - Input/Output Devices.Chapter 20 - Motor Control Circuits.Chapter 21 - Basic Industrial Electronics.Chapter 22 - Electronic Variable Speed Drives.Chapter 23 - Programmable Logic Controllers.Chapter 24 - Lighting.Section 4: Welding Knowledge.Chapter 25 - Gas Welding.Chapter 26 - Arc Welding.Section 5: Preventive Maintenance.Chapter 27 - Preventive Maintenance - Developing and Implementing.Chapter 28 - Mechanical PMs.Chapter 29 - Electrical PMs.Appendix A.Appendix B.Appendix C.Appendix D.Appendix E.Appendix F.Index.

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