TechOne: Automotive Brakes

First Edition
Author: Jack Erjavec
ISBN #: 1401835260
©2004   Publish Date: 09/25/2003
Binding: PB
Pages: 496
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $210.95


This single, easy-to-use volume covers basic theory, service, diagnosis, and repair fundamentals for the most current brake systems, as well as the safety information and workplace skills necessary for success as a brake technician. Automotive Brakes features complete coverage of the latest antilock brake systems (ABS), the newest traction control systems, information on hydraulics and disc brakes, and more! The book contains current, concise information on ASE certification requirements in brakes, as well as coverage of the required NATEF tasks, in order to help readers gain skills that will make them successful automotive technicians.

Product Benefits:

  • current and concise information on ASE certification requirements is featured as well as an ASE practice exam located in the Appendix
  • abundance of photos and drawings of the latest brake systems and components highlight important concepts and facilitate learning
  • 'Interesting Facts' scattered throughout the book spark attention and learning with brake trivia and history to maintain learner interest
  • review questions are structured in a variety of formats including ASE-style questions, challenging students to prove that they've mastered the material

Table of Contents:

SAFETY AND COMMUNICATION. Safe Work Practices. Measuring Systems, Fasteners, and Measuring Tools. Common Hand Tools. Power and Special Tools. Working as a Brake Tech. BASIC THEORIES AND SERVICES. Basic Brake System Operation. Basic Hydraulic System Theory. Basic Electrical Theory Common Brake System Electrical Components. Basic Electrical Testing and Service. HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS. Basic Brake System Checks. Brake Fluid Service. Hydraulic System Bleeding. Master Cylinders. Master Cylinder Service. Brake Lines, Fittings, and Hoses. Brake Line Service. Brake System Valves. POWER BRAKES. Power Brake Systems. Vacuum Power Brakes. Vacuum Power Brake Service. Hydraulic Power Brakes. Hydraulic Power Brake Service. WHEEL BRAKE UNITS. Drum Brake Construction. Drum Brake Design Variations. Disc Brake Construction. Disc Brake Design Variations. Brake Shoe and Pad Linings. Drum Brake Service. Drum Brake Component Replacement. Disc Brake Diagnosis. Brake Pad Replacement. Caliper Service. Brake Drum Service. Brake Rotor Service. Wheel Bearings. PARKING BRAKES. Parking Brake Controls. Parking Brake Diagnosis and Service. ANTILOCK BRAKE SYSTEMS. Antilock Brake System Principles. Common ABS Designs. Manufacturers Antilock Brake Systems.General ABS Service and Diagnosis. Testing Common Antilock Brake Systems.Traction Control.

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