Intermediate Blueprint Reading For Machinists

Sixth Edition
Author: David L. Taylor
ISBN #: 1401870732
©2004   Publish Date: 12/30/2003
Binding: PB
Pages: 224
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $119.95


The second book in Delmar Learning's three-part series, Intermediate Blueprint Reading for Machinists, 6th Edition provides users with opportunities to learn how to visualize and interpret more complex prints. Ideal for self-paced learning, this workbook-style text continues the emphasis on orthographic projection involving interpretation of lines, views, dimensions, tolerances, notes, and symbols. Advanced areas of inquiry are also addressed, including: welding symbols, fasteners, screw threads, and other related topics.

Product Benefits:

  • short, concise units that build upon each other enable users to move quickly from easy to more difficult concepts
  • double sided drawings in the back of the book provide immediate opportunities for readers interested in machine trades and mechanical engineering to apply new skills
  • comprehensive coverage, including expanded discussion of current ANSI standards, eliminates the need for additional references

Table of Contents:

Preface.Acknowledgments.SECTION 1.BLUEPRINTS.Industrial Drawings.Title Blocks.Alphabet of Lines.SECTION 2.SHOP SKETCHING.Straight Lines.Curved Lines.Combination of Lines.Pictorial Sketching.SECTION 3.VIEWS.Orthographic Projection.One-View Drawings.Two-View Drawings.Three-View Drawings.Auxiliary Views.Section Views.Detail and Assembly Drawings.SECTION 4.DIMENSIONS AND TOLERANCES.Methods of Dimensioning and Tolerancing.Systems of Dimensioning and Tolerancing.Angular Dimensions and Tolerances.Dimensioning Holes.Dimensioning Arcs and Radii.Dimensioing Circular Hole Patterns.Positional Dimensions.Geometric Tolerances-Datums.Geometric Tolerances-Location and Form.SECTION 5. NOTES AND SYMBOLS.Machining Symbols.Surface Texture Symbols.Change Notes.Machine Processes, Part I.Machine Processes, Part II.Welding Symbols.SECTION 6.SCREW THREADS.Screw Thread Forms.Screw Thread Specifications.Screw Thread Representation.Pipe Threads.Threaded Fasteners.SECTION 7.GEARS.Spur Gears and Splines.Bevel Gears.Worm Gears.SECTION 8. CASTING.Sand Casting.SECTION 9.NUMERICAL CONTROL.Reading Numerical Control Documents.Appendices.Illustration Contributions.Index.

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