Delmar's Guide to Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

First Edition
Author: Rick Daniels
ISBN #: 0766815072
©2002   Publish Date: 09/07/2001
Binding: PB
Pages: 1200
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $99.95


Organized alphabetically by test and diagnostic procedure, Delmar's Guide to Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests contains a wealth of information on over 600 lab and diagnostic tests. This must have reference is completely alphabetical, indexed, and fully cross-referenced. Each test has an exceptionally straightforward and concise presentation of information. Delmar's Guide to Laboratory and Diagnostics Tests is designed to provide students and practitioners of nursing, medicine, and medical technology with the necessary information to provide comprehensive care for their clients who are having laboratory and diagnostic tests and procedures.

Product Benefits:

  • Alphabetical Organization helps those with little or no prior knowledge of laboratory & diagnostic tests. They may look up an MCHC test quickly (without knowing that it is a hematology test).
  • Has indices that promote ease of use and allow reader to quickly to find what they need, List of Tests by Type, Lists of Tests by Disease, List of Tests by Body System and a general index that includes every test name and their synonyms.
  • Test Synonyms indexed for quick reference. A user may look up a test under both its name and common synonyms.
  • A chapter on case studies is included that allows the reader to think about lab and tests from a nursing perspective.
  • Weblinks for every test to provide the reader with web addresses to seek more information about the alteration that is being tested for.
  • Phonetic pronunciations are provided for the more difficult to pronounce test names.
  • Introductory section on case studies allows students to think about lab & tests from a nursing perspective.
  • Introductory section on International Considerations.
  • Chapter on Standard Precautions reviews the generally accepted standards for reducing the risk of infection and or contamination.
  • Bulleted presentation of how to do test provides a easy to follow step-by-step guide.
  • Life span issues (such as pediatric, maternity, geriatric) addressed as appropriate.
  • Rural, Community, Home, and International considerations included as appropriate.
  • Clinic Alerts make new nurses aware of potentially dangerous situations.
  • Website that duplicates much of the content in the book. (Available separately).
  • Website that is updated semi-annually.
  • Tests cross referenced by body system and type of test for those who used a text organized by type of test in the past.

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