Trucking Rules and Regulations, Reference Guide to Transportation

First Edition
Author: Alice Adams
ISBN #: 1401835465
©2005   Publish Date: 08/18/2004
Binding: PB
Pages: 160
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $24.95


This handbook of transportation industry rules and regulations will arm professional drivers with the knowledge they need to avoid penalties and infractions when driving coast-to-coast and state-to-state. Trucking Rules and Regulations: A Reference Guide to Transportation teaches variations in interstate laws for the education and preparation of drivers for over-the-road duty. It is written in a user-friendly style that provides explanations for many of the issues and terms relative and specific to local, state, and federal traffic policies in each of the 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska. Coverage has been compiled from numerous sources and includes regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association, making this book an essential reference for carriers and interstate truckers alike.

Product Benefits:

  • content provides drivers with information that can prevent them from being stopped and fined, thereby removing many of the "surprises" that might otherwise be encountered when driving from state to state
  • detailed coverage addresses where laws vary just enough from state to state to make it dangerous for drivers not to be aware of the subtle differences
  • helpful listings of information to maintain individual and load safety and security are provided, including changes in HAZMAT and other critical Federal and state rulings for carriers
  • provides safety managers meaningful information for periodic safety meetings

Table of Contents:

Introduction. New hours of service rules from FMSCA. New rulings - load securement. New rulings - load securement. New rulings- security. New rulings - hazmat. New rulings - rail crossings. State Rules - alcohol. State Rules - speed limits. State Rules - firearms. State Rules - weights, heights, and lengths. State rules - chain laws, bad weather driving. State Rules - permitting, special routing. State Rules - miscellaneous rulings truckers hould know. Appendices.

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