Industrial Electricity

Seventh Edition
Author: Michael E. Brumbach; John Nadon
ISBN #: 1401843018
©2005   Publish Date: 06/18/2004
Binding: HB
Pages: 736
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $199.95


Thoroughly modernized content and a more logical flow of information are just two of the many enhancements heralded in this completely revamped Seventh Edition. Over 850 updated illustrations and photos clarify the fundamentals of electrical theory for use by electrical students and maintenance technicians alike. Coverage begins with electrical symbols and drawings, current, voltage, resistance, and power. Subsequent chapters examine Ohm's law; series, parallel, and combination circuits; and resistive and reactive circuits. Advanced material, including rotating machinery, motor controls, transformers, electronic drives, and PLCs, is also thoroughly discussed.

Product Benefits:

  • new chapters on DC Electronic Variable Speed Drives and AC/Inverter Electronic Variable Speed Drives have been added, and coverage of Industrial Electronics has been greatly expanded
  • comprehensive coverage examines test equipment, wiring methods, and conductor types and sizes
  • a simple, logical, and practical approach to the subject matter aids readers in understanding and learning the material
  • new and updated manufacturer's information sheets relating to equipment found in the field offer apprentices a "real world" flavor
  • experienced electrical maintenance technicians will find this to be an excellent reference for quick answers to those problems or challenges that crop up infrequently

Table of Contents:

Preface.Acknowledgements.Introduction.Language of Electricity.Electrical Fundamentals.Electrical Power and Energy.Test Equipment.Basic Resistive Circuits.Magnets and Magnetism.Alternating Current.AC Circuits.Conductor Types and Sizes.Wiring Methods.Wiring Applications.Transformers.Electrical Distribution.Lighting.Electric Heat.DC Generators.DC Motors.AC Generators.AC Motors.Motor Control Devices and Circuits.Basic Industrial Electronics.DC - Electronic Variable Speed Drives.AC/Inverter - Electronic Variable Speed Drives.Programmable Logic Controls.Appendix A.Appendix B.Appendix C.Glossary.Index.

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