Residential Construction Academy: HVAC

First Edition
Author: Eugene Silberstein, B.A., M.S., BEAP, CMHE
ISBN #: 1401849016
©2005   Publish Date: 08/12/2004
Binding: HB
Pages: 576
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $139.95


Create a direct link between your education/training program and the residential construction industry! Training materials are now available for many of the residential crafts based on skill standards developed by the nation's leading builders and educators. The result of a strategic partnership between the National Association of Home Builder's Home Builders Institute and Delmar, the Residential Construction Academy Series is the perfect way to teach essential workplace skills to people new to the building trades. Delmar is a part of Cengage Learning.

Based on national skill standards, this full-color, comprehensive HVAC book is intended for aspiring technicians and covers the installation, startup, and service of residential air conditioning and heating systems. The first section explores matter, energy, heat, and the basic refrigeration processes, with a view towards building a working knowledge of the behavior of heat and how it is transferred. Detailed information on safety issues and the system installation process follows, with step-by-step procedures that clearly illustrate the key skills needed to properly install a system. The startup and service section shows readers the steps that must be followed to make certain that airflow through the system is correct and that the amount of refrigerant in the system is within an acceptable range. Coverage concludes with the installation and service of oil, gas, electric, and geothermal heating systems, as well as boilers, hydronic heating, and radiant heating.

Product Benefits:

  • instruction on the safe and proper handling of refrigerants ensures safe compliance with federal laws
  • step-by-step instructions on taking pressure and temperature readers at strategic locations in the system and correctly interpreting those readings ensures that the system will operate properly for years to come
  • detailed troubleshooting chapters cover common electrical and mechanical problems so that readers can learn real-world problem-solving techniques, and feature sample service calls that take readers through the troubleshooting process
  • "Tech Tool Belt? sections educate readers on the tools they are likely to use on the job
  • From Experience? boxes highlight proven methods used by HVAC professionals to get the job done right the first time, on time
  • "Cautions" bring to light potential safety hazards and instruct readers on the avoidance of injuries on any construction jobsite

Table of Contents:

INTRODUCTION: Matter, Engergy and Heat Basics.The Refrigeration Process.INSTALLATION: Safety.Unit Location and The Air Distribution System.System Connections.STARTUP and SERVICE: System Evacuation, Startup and Charging.Mechanical Troubleshooting.Refrigerant Management.Basic Electricity.Motors.Automatic Controls.Electrical Troubleshooting.Indoor Air Quality.HEATING: Electric Heating.Gas Heating.Oil Heating.Hydronic Heating.Geothermal Heating.

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