Double Your Haircolor Income in 30 Days!

First Edition
Author: Mark Foley
ISBN #: 1401844618
©2005   Publish Date: 06/16/2004
Binding: PB
Pages: 224
Publisher: Milady

Price: $33.95


This book provides solutions to the problem many professional hair designers face by not having learned to effectively package themselves and their services for top earnings. Moderate income will be a thing of the past when these merchandising, promotion, consultation and pricing ideas are put into action. The 10 years the author has spent uncovering the secrets of top-earning professionals will create financial gain in 30 days or less. Salon professionals regard this book as the most practical information fueling their success.

Product Benefits:

  • Business tracking charts help calculate precisely how much extra money is being made
  • Powerful salon menu and pricing ideas promote the packaging of services to generate more revenue
  • Exact presentation strategies during consultations lead to more client purchasing
  • Merchandising techniques help put the silent salesman to work
  • Haircolor promotions help increase market share and client spending
  • Guidance on creating a Color Department will position the salon as the place to go for professional coloring

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Age of Haircolor.
Chapter 2: Planning to Build Your Haircolor Business.
Chapter 3: Positioning Yourself and Your Salon For Haircolor.
Chapter 4: Primary Haircolor Merchandising Tactics.
Chapter 5: Printing Your Haircolor Identity.
Chapter 6: Preparing Your Salon Menu.
Chapter 7: Promoting Haircolor Profitably.
Chapter 8: Powerful Visual Merchandising of Haircolor.
Chapter 9: Proven Promotions To Use For Haircolor Income Growth.
Chapter 10: Persuading Guests Into Haircoloring.
Chapter 11: Pursuing Color Clientele.

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