Electrical Field Reference Handbook, Revised for the 2005 National Electric Code

First Edition
Author: National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee
ISBN #: 1401879861
©2005   Publish Date: 12/29/2004
Binding: SP
Pages: 224
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $24.95


This Electrical Field Reference Handbook is an indispensable tool for those working in the electrical industry. Designed with a logical approach, it serves as a reference for formulas, NECĀ® tables, conversion charts, diagrams, reading blueprint symbols, and much more. A section of OSHA safety standards excerpts makes this an even more important on-the-job resource. The clear and easy-to-use format keeps must-have information at the electrician's fingertips at any time.

Product Benefits:

  • updated to the 2005 National Electrical Code
  • at-a-glance view of the critical reference materials needed by every electrician on the job
  • convenient size makes this book perfect to keep in the truck or carry along at a jobsite
  • heavy-duty spiral binding makes it durable for everyday use

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1- Blueprint Symbols: Electrical, Motor Control, Instrumentation, Mechanical. Chapter 2- Electrical Formulas: Formulas. Chapter 3- NEC Tables: Ampacity, Conductor Properties, PVC Expansion Characteristics, Flexible Cords & Cable, Conductor Types, Metal Boxes, Grounding Conductors, Chapter 9 Tables, Annex C Raceway Fill, NEC Motor Tables, NEC Article Cross Reference. Chapter 5- Instrumentation: Line Symbols, Calibration Formulas, Thermocouple Symbols, Valve Symbols, Electronic Symbols. Chapter 6- Rigging: Wire Rope Slings. Chapter 7- Safety: OSHA Rgiths and Responsibilities, Electrical Safety, Excavations, Fall Protection, Confined Spaces, Hand Signals. Chapter 8- Conduit Bending: 90% Segment Bend, Take-up, Gain, Color Caps, Conduit Dimensions, Offsets & Kicks, Cosecants, Take-up Shortcuts.

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