Electricity & Controls for HVAC-R, 4E

Fourth Edition
Author: Stephen L. Herman; Bennie Sparkman
ISBN #: 0766817385
©2001   Publish Date: 07/31/2000
Binding: PB
Pages: 416
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $129.95


Now in its fourth edition, Electricity and Controls for HVAC/R equips readers with the information needed to work effectively with all types of motors and control devices found in the heating and air conditioning industry. Prior knowledge of electricity is not required as this book begins with discussion of essential basic electricity and electrical circuits concepts. Numerous schematic diagrams, plus step-by-step troubleshooting procedures, are included to acquaint readers with all of the different types of circuits commonly encountered in the HVAC-R field. With an eimphasis on electrical safety, plus an all-new troubleshooting unit, this edition of Electricity and Controls for HVAC/R also features expanded information on thermostats, short cycle timers, heat pressure controls for refrigeration, variable frequency drives, and more!

Product Benefits:

  • Numerous schematic diagrams are featured throughout
  • Examines motors and control in detail.
  • Circuits commonly encountered in the field are explained in a practical, non-mathematical manner
  • Comprehensive coverage of electric motors includes three-phase motors, squirrel cage induction motors, wound rotor motors, synchronous motors, and more.
  • Discussion of transformers incorporates isolation transformers, autotransformers, and current transformers.
  • An all-new troubleshooting unit gives explanations of how a control system operates and how to interpret manufacturers' control schematics.
  • New and expanded information on control components found in the HVAC/R field - such as thermostats, short cycle timers, heat pressure controls for refrigeration, and variable frequency drives (VFDs) - has been added.
  • Requirements for unit installation have been updated to comply with current NEC standards.
  • Straightforward discussion of household and commercial icemaker controls, as well as solid-state devices common to the HVAC/R field, rounds out the comprehensive coverage.

Table of Contents:

Preface, Safety, Section 1 Basic Electricity: Unit 1-Atomic Structure, Unit 2-Electrical Quantities, Unit 3-Measuring Instruments, Unit 4- Electrical Circuits, Unit 5-Electrical Services, Unit 6-Wire Size and Voltage Drop, Unit 7-Inductance, Unit 8-Capacitance. Section 2 Control Circuits: Unit 9-Schematics and Wiring Diagrams, Unit 10-Developing Wiring Diagrams. Section 3 Single-Phase Motors: Unit 11-Split-Phase Motors, Unit 12-The Shaded Pole Induction Motor, Unit 13-Multi-Speed Motors. Section 4 Three Phase Motors: Unit 14-Three Phase Motor Principles, Unit 15-The Squirrel Cage Induction Motor, Unit 16-The Wound Rotor Induction Motor, Unit 17-The Synchronous Motor. Section 5 Transformers: Unit 18-Isolation Transformers, Unit 19-Autotransformers, Unit 20-Current Transformers. Section 6 Control Components: Unit 21-Overloads, Unit 22-Relays, Contractors, and Motor Starters, Unit 23-The Solid-State Relay, Unit 24-The Control Transformer, Unit 25-Starting Relays, Unit 26-Variable Speed Motor Control, Unit 27-The Defrost Timer, Unit 28- The Thermostat, Unit 29-Pressure Switches, Unit 30-The Flow Switch, Unit 31 The Humidistat, Unit 32-Fan Limit Switches, Unit 33-The Oil Pressure Failure Switch, Unit 34-Solenoid Valves, Unit 35-The Short Cycle Timer, Unit 36-Methods of Sensing Temperature, Unit 37-Gas Burner Controls, Unit 38-Oil Burner Controls. Section 7 Troubleshooting Using Control Schematics: Unit 39-Introduction To Troubleshooting, Unit 40-Room Air Conditioners, Unit 41-A Commercial Air Conditioning Unit, Unit 42-Heat-Pump Controls, Unit 43-Packaged Units: Electric Air Conditioning and Gas Heat. Section 8 Ice Maker and Refrigeration Controls: Unit 44-Household Ice Makers, Unit 45-Commercial Ice Makers, Unit 46-Refrigeration Control. Section 9 Solid State Devices: Unit 47-Resistors and Color Coed, Unit 48-Semi-Conducor Materials, Unit 49-The PN-Junction, Unit 50-The Light Emitting Diode, Unit 51-The Transistor, Unit 52-The Unijunction Transistor, Unit 53-The Silicon Controlled Rectifier, Unit 54-The DIAC, Unit 55-The TRIAC, Unit 56-The Operational Amplifier. Section 10 Solid State Controls: Unit 57- Programmable Controllers, Unit 58-Programming a PC, Unit 59-Analog Sensing for Programmable Controllers.

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