Fourth Edition
Author: Floyd Vogt
ISBN #: 1401870694
©2006   Publish Date: 11/16/2005
Binding: HB
Pages: 1008
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $194.95


The intricate system of contemporary light frame building construction is presented in straightforward, step-by-step procedures in this popular bestseller. Carpentry, 4th Edition follows the logical path of a residential project, using reader-friendly presentations and easy-to-follow diagrams to explore building plans, sitework and layout, footings and foundations, framing, interior and exterior surfaces, cabinetry and flooring, and more. This new edition provides a unique blend of all the need-to-know information for both traditional and up-to-date construction practices. Beginning with the layout of the building and finishing with trim carpentry, each section features step-by-step procedures for key carpentry jobs critical safety information, tips of the trade, and insight into the construction.

Product Benefits:

  • a new full-color design showcasing photo-realistic line art and new, up-to-date photos offers a realistic representation of residential construction from which learners can make practical connections between descriptions and application of concepts
  • prominently features the latest safety considerations so readers can avoid the dangers of certain procedures, tools, and equipment in order to stay safe on the job
  • visuals of live construction sites assist hands-on learners in making an easy transition from the classroom to the jobsite
  • provides helpful tricks of the trade to allow for easier and more efficient completion of tasks
  • a "success story" opens each of the sections in the book, providing a look at the day-to-day job of a carpenter and the successes accomplished through dedication and education

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Wood
Chapter 2 Lumber
Chapter 3 Rated Plywood and Panels
Chapter 4 Nonstructural Panels
Chapter 5 Laminated Veneer Lumber
Chapter 6 Parallel Strand Lumber and Laminated Strand Lumber
Chapter 7 Wood I-Beams
Chapter 8 Glue-Laminated Lumber
Chapter 9 Nails, Screws, and Bolts
Chapter 10 Anchors and Adhesives
Chapter 11 Layout Tools
Chapter 12 Boring and Cutting Tools
Chapter 13 Fastening and Dismantling Tools
Chapter 14 Saws, Drills, and Drivers
Chapter 15 Planes, Routers, and Sanders
Chapter 16 Fastening Tools
Chapter 17 Circular Saw Blades
Chapter 18 Radial Arm and Miter Saws
Chapter 19 Table Saws
Chapter 20 Understanding Blueprints
Chapter 21 Floor Plans
Chapter 22 Sections and Elevations
Chapter 23 Plot and Foundation Plans
Chapter 24 Building Codes and Zoning Regulations
Chapter 27 Characteristics of Concrete
Chapter 28 Forms for Slabs, Walks, and Driveways
Chapter 29 Wall and Column Forms
Chapter 30 Stair Forms
Chapter 31 Types of Frame Construction
Chapter 32 Layout and Construction of the Floor Frame
Chapter 33 Construction to Prevent Termite Attack
Chapter 34 Exterior Wall Frame Parts
Chapter 35 Framing the Exterior Wall
Chapter 36 Ceiling, Joists, and Partitions
Chapter 37 Backing and Blocking
Chapter 38 Metal Framing
Chapter 39 Wood, Metal, and Pump Jack Scaffolds
Chapter 40 Brackets, Horses, and Ladders
Chapter 41 Roof Types and Terms
Chapter 42 Gable and Gambrel Roofs
Chapter 43 Hip Roofs
Chapter 44 Intersecting Roofs
Chapter 45 Shed Roofs, Dormers, and Special Framing Problems
Chapter 46 Trussed Roofs
Chapter 47 Stairways and Stairwells
Chapter 48 Stair Layout and Construction
Chapter 49 Thermal and Acoustical Insulation
Chapter 50 Condensation and Ventilation
Chapter 51 Asphalt Shingles
Chapter 52 Roll Roofing
Chapter 53 Wood Shingles and Shakes
Chapter 54 Flashing
Chapter 55 Window Terms and Types
Chapter 56 Window Installation and Glazing
Chapter 57 Door Frame Construction and Installation
Chapter 58 Door Fitting and Hanging
Chapter 59 Installing Exterior Door Locksets
Chapter 60 Wood Siding Types and Sizes
Chapter 61 Applying Horizontal and Vertical Wood Siding
Chapter 62 Wood Shingle and Shake Siding
Chapter 63 Aluminum and Vinyl Siding
Chapter 64 Cornice Terms and Design
Chapter 65 Gutters and Downspouts
Chapter 66 Deck and Porch Construction
Chapter 67 Fence Design and Erection
Chapter 68 Gypsum Board
Chapter 69 Single-Layer and Multilayer Drywall Application
Chapter 70 Concealing Fasteners and Joints
Chapter 71 Types of Wall Paneling
Chapter 72 Application of Wall Paneling
Chapter 73 Ceramic Wall Tile
Chapter 74 Suspended Ceilings

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