Managing Automotive Businesses, Strategic Planning, Personnel and Finances

First Edition
Author: Ronald A. Garner; C. William Garner
ISBN #: 1401898963
©2006   Publish Date: 12/01/2005
Binding: HB
Pages: 360
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $109.95


The success of any organization most often depends on the execution and management of such strategic issues as business development, personnel and fiscal operations. This new book introduces readers to the duties and practices assigned to service managers in the successful operation of an automotive service facility. Coverage begins with a general discussion of the management structure and the service manager's role in facility operations. Consideration is then given to navigation of the personnel process from the recruitment of workers to supervision of their performance. The financial business practices of a service manager familiarizes readers with the importance of fiscal responsibility in the operation of a lucrative automotive service business.

Product Benefits:

  • fosters a thorough understanding of strategic planning from the owner's perspective to the service manager's level in the establishment of a productive service facility
  • information on the recruitment and retention of employees and the establishment of rules and performance measures gives readers valuable insight into the "real world" of the automobile business
  • the analysis of financial statements exposes readers to the basic activities and duties that are typical of an automotive service manager's position

Table of Contents:

PART I. Introduction to Strategic Planning.
Chapter 1. The Service Manager and the Business Structure
Chapter 2. Ownership, Types of Facilities, and the Service Managers Job
Chapter 3. Strategic Business Planning
PART II. Personnel
Chapter 4. Preparing Formatted Systems
Chapter 5. Human Resources Management
Chapter 6. Recruitment and Selection of New Employees
Chapter 7. Induction and Personnel Development
Chapter 8. Evaluation of Employee Performances
PART III. Finance
Chapter 9. Basic Business Practice
Chapter 10. Accounting Process and Financial Statements
Chapter 11. Paying Employees and the Labor Sales Worksheet
Chapter 12. Sale of Parts
Chapter 13. Financial Management of a Parts Profit Center
PART IV: Financial Analysis
Chapter 14. Diagnosing Financial Operations
Chapter 15. Performing in the Lower Orange and Red Zones

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