Practical Problems in Mathematics for Carpenters

Eighth Edition
Author: Mark Huth
ISBN #: 1401872158
©2006   Publish Date: 08/30/2005
Binding: PB
Pages: 224
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $79.95


This widely used text/workbook teaches the practical mathematics essential to the building construction and carpentry trades. The book features short units that begin with a brief explanation of an important math principle followed by straightforward explanations and examples that are worked out in detail so readers can see first-hand how to perform the functions involved. Basic mathematical problems relevant to the construction trade are accompanied by clear-cut illustrations and together give readers the opportunity to apply and practice math principles common to carpentry.

Product Benefits:

  • Based on realistic carpentry problems, including modern construction materials and practices.
  • Includes integrated coverage of simple 4-function calculator use in solving math problems.
  • Starts with basic arithmetic operations and progresses to compound problems applied in light-frame construction
  • Easy-to-understand explanations for all the math principles carpenters are likely to encounter in the field.

Table of Contents:

PREFACE, SECTION 1 WHOLE NUMBERS..Unit 1 Addition to Whole Numbers, Unit 2 Subtraction of Whole Numbers, Unit 3 Multiplication of Whole Numbers, Unit 4 Division of Whole Numbers, Unit 5 Combined Operations with Whole Numbers, SECTION 2 COMMON FRACTIONS...Unit 6 Addition of Common Fractions, Unit 7 Subtraction of Common Fractions, Unit 8 Multiplication of Common Fractions, Unit 9 Division of Common Fractions, Unit 10 Combined Operations with Common Fractions, SECTION 3 DECIMAL FRACTIONS...Unit 11 Addition of Decimal Fractions, Unit 12 Subtraction of Decimal Fractions, Unit 13 Multiplication of Decimal Fractions, Unit 14 Division of Decimal Fractions, Unit 15 Expressing Common Fractions and Mixed Numbers as Decimals, SECTION 4 PERCENT AND PERCENTAGE...Unit 16 Simple Percent and Percentage, Unit 17 Interest, Unit 18 Discounts, SECTION 5 MEASUREMENT: DIRECT AND COMPUTED, Unit 19 Linear Measure, Unit 20 Working with Feet and Inches, Unit 21 Square Measure, Unit 22 Surface measurement - Triangles, Unit 23 The Framing Square, Unit 24 Surface Measurement - Irregular Figures, Unit 25 Surface Measurement - Circles, Unit 26 volume Measurement - Cubes and Rectangular Solids, Unit 27 Board Measure, Unit 28 Volume Measurement, Unit 29 Weight Measure, SECTION 6 POWERS AND ROOTS, Unit 30 Applications of Exponents in Formulas, Unit 31 Using Square Root to Find Sides of Right Triangles

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