Basics of Legal Document Preparation

First Edition
Author: Robert Cummins, J.D.
ISBN #: 0827367996
©1997   Publish Date: 10/10/1996
Binding: PB
Pages: 448
Publisher: Cengage Learning

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Product Benefits:

  • student's learning will be reinforced by the final "Putting it all Together" at the end of every chapter
  • humorous story problems encourage students to recall material just learned and apply that information, enhancing their analytical and critical thinking skills
  • content supported with practical knowledge which can be used in any professional situation

Table of Contents:

PREFACE. INTRODUCTION TO LEGAL DOCUMENT PREPARATION. Fundamentals of Legal Document Preparation. The Fundamentals of Legal Document Generation. PREPARATION OF LEGAL INSTRUMENTS. The Nature, Types, and Function of Legal Instruments. Contracts. Real Estate Law and its Documents. Corporations. Partnerships. Wills. Trusts. PREPARATION OF LEGAL PLEADINGS. Bankruptcy. Federal Pleading and Practice. State Practice and Pleading. Discovery. Domestic Relations. Appellate Practice. APPENDIX- Common Commands Utilized in the Use of WordPerfect. GLOSSARY. INDEX.

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