Introductory Technical Mathematics

Fifth Edition
Author: John C. Peterson; Robert D. Smith
ISBN #: 1418015458
©2007   Publish Date: 06/06/2006
Binding: HB
Pages: 848
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $249.95


Introductory Technical Mathematics, 5th Edition provides current and practical vocational and technical math applications for today's sophisticated trade and technical work environments. Each unit delivers practical math concepts alongside step-by-step examples and problems drawn from various occupations. The plentiful examples and problem sets emphasize on-the-job applications of math.

Enhancements to the fifth edition include improved algebra coverage, a new section on basic statistics, new material on conversions from metric to customary systems of measure, and a section that supplements the basics of working with spreadsheets for graphing.

Product Benefits:

  • A new section on basic statistics features an all-new chapter on statistics and a chapter that consolidates all the statistical graphing techniques of bar, line, and circle graphs into one location
  • Clear explanations with easy-to-follow procedural steps for solving examples
  • A straightforward writing style that begins with the simple concepts, enabling readers to work up to solving even the most complex problems
  • Illustrations accompany many of the problems and are modeled after those found in technical manuals and handbooks, emphasizing the relevancy of mathematics concepts on the job

Table of Contents:

Section I: Fundamentals of General Mathematics
Unit 1 Whole Numbers
Unit 2 Common Fractions
Unit 3 Decimal Fractions
Unit 4 Ratio and Proportion
Unit 5 Percents
Unit 6 Signed Numbers
Section II: Measurement
Unit 7 Precision, Accuracy, and Tolerance
Unit 8 Customary Measurement Units
Unit 9 Metric Measurement Units
Unit 10 Steel Rules and Vernier Calipers
Unit 11 Micrometers
Section III: Fundamentals of Algebra
Unit 12 Introduction to Algebra
Unit 13 Basic Algebraic Operations
Unit 14 Simple Equations
Unit 15 Complex Equations
Unit 16 The Cartesian Coordinate System and Graphs of Linear Equations
Unit 17 Systems of Equations
Unit 18 Quadratic Equations
Section IV: Fundamentals of Plane Geometry
Unit 19 Introduction to Plane Geometry
Unit 20 Angular Measure
Unit 21 Angular Geometric Principles
Unit 22 Triangles
Unit 23 Congruent and Similar Figures
Unit 24 Polygons
Unit 25 Circles
Section V: Geometric Figures: Areas and Volumes
Unit 26 Areas of Common Polygons
Unit 27 Areas of Circles, Sectors, Segments, and Ellipses
Unit 28 Prisms and Cylinders: Volumes, Surface Areas, and Weights
Unit 29 Pyramids and Cones: Volumes, Surface Areas, and Weights
Unit 30 Spheres and Composite Figures: Volumes, Surface Areas, and Weights
Section VI: Basic Statistics
Unit 31 Graphs: Bar, Circle, and Line
Unit 32 Statistics
Section VII: Fundamentals of Trigonometry
Unit 33 Introduction to Trigonometric Functions
Unit 34 Trigonometric Functions with Right Triangles
Unit 35 Practical Applications with Right Triangles
Unit 36 Functions of Any Angle, Oblique Triangles
Unit 37 Vectors
APPENDIX A United States Customary and Metric Units of Measure
APPENDIX B Formulas for Areas (A) of Plane Figures
APPENDIX C Formulas for Volumes and Areas of Solid Figures
APPENDIX D Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises

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