Process Technology Safety, Health, and Environment

Second Edition
Author: Charles E. Thomas, Ph.D.
ISBN #: 1418038016
©2007   Publish Date: 09/07/2006
Binding: PB
Pages: 304
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $149.95


Extensively rewritten, reorganized, and updated to match the curriculum standard as defined by the Center for the Advancement of Process Technology (CAPT), this Second Edition offers an easy-to-follow investigation into the entire spectrum of safety, health, and environmental concerns related to the process industry. Coherent coverage is designed to take learners on a straightforward journey towards understanding the plethora of important regulatory issues governing today's chemical processing arena. Readers will acquire valuable process technology insight as they become acutely familiar with accident prevention, risk assessment and management, policy and procedures preparation, plant operations safety, and more.

Product Benefits:

  • Content has been revised to include more than 100 pages of new material with extensive OSHA regulations integrated throughout
  • Features more than 80 new topics including hazards associated with liquids, gases, vapors, particulates, toxic metals, and more
  • Explores the complete range of safety, health, and environmental issues as defined by the CAPT curriculum
  • The Instructor?s CD contains an Instructor's Guide with answers to the review questions in the text, as well as chapter tests and an extensive image library

Table of Contents:

Introduction to Process Safety.Hazard Classification.Routes of Entry & Environmental Effects.Gases, Vapors, Particulates, & Toxic Metals.Hazards of Liquids.Hazardous Chemical Identification: HAZCOM, Toxicology, DOT.Fire and Explosion.Electrical, Noise, Heat, Radiation, Ergonomic and Biological Hazards.Operating Hazards.Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).Engineering Controls.Administrative Controls.Regulatory Overview: OSHA, PSM, EPA, NFDA, DOT

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