Residential Construction Academy, Carpentry

Second Edition
Author: Floyd Vogt
ISBN #: 141800183X
©2008   Publish Date: 06/07/2007
Binding: HB
Pages: 608
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $129.95


This new edition for Carpentry from Delmar's Residential Construction Academy Series, introduces users to skills and information required to work professionally on any job site. Based on nationally-recognized standards set by the construction industry, this book is organized into four sections; "Tools and Materials", "Rough Carpentry", "Exterior Finish", and "Interior Finish". New topics have been added in this edition to the Power Tool, Building Foundation, Wall Framing and Finish Carpentry chapters. Extensively illustrated and succinctly written, nearly every chapter contains special "Procedure" sections that combine precise, step-by-step instructions with helpful drawings, making it easy to master tasks. Safety is emphasized and safety cautions are highlighted throughout. Definitions of industry terms at the start of each chapter are also included to help facilitate learning.

Product Benefits:

  • New illustrations and line art references for power tools, building foundation, wall framing and finish carpentry allow users to get a beginning instruction on their use
  • New information on concrete form construction shows readers alternatives to foundation types including concrete masonry units (CMU), insulated concrete forms (ICF) and all-weather wood and pre-cast concrete panels
  • Added details on structural insulated panels (SIP) is included showing variations to wall framing that may occur on the jobsite
  • An English to Spanish glossary is included
  • Use and operation of aluminum trim brake is covered to round out the readers experience in construction education

Table of Contents:

Section 1: Tools and Materials
Chapter 1: Hand Tools
Chapter 2: Power Tools
Chapter 3: Wood and Wood Products
Chapter 4: Fasteners

Section 2: Rough Carpentry
Chapter 5: Blueprints, Codes, and Building Layout
Chapter 6: Concrete Form Construction
Chapter 7: Floor Framing
Chapter 8: Wall and Ceiling Framing
Chapter 9: Scaffolds, Ladders, and Horses
Chapter 10: Roof Framing

Section 3: Exterior Finish
Chapter 11: Windows and Doors
Chapter 12: Roofing
Chapter 13: Siding and Decks

Section 4: Interior Finish
Chapter 14: Insulation and Wall Finish
Chapter 15: Interior Finish
Chapter 16: Stair Framing and Finish
Chapter 17: Cabinets and Countertops


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