Today's Technician, Automotive Brake Systems

Fourth Edition
Author: Cliff Owen
ISBN #: 1418062219
©2008   Publish Date: 07/06/2007
Binding: PB
Pages: 320
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $109.95


The newest edition of Today's Technician: Automotive Brake Systems continues to provide outstanding coverage of the theory and repair procedures related to automotive brakes. Students, entry-level technicians, and experienced technicians alike will benefit from the two-volume approach: a Classroom Manual to detail the theories and application of the total brake system, sub-system, and components, combined with a corresponding Shop Manual to provide real-world symptoms, diagnostics, and repair information about these systems. Automotive Brake Systems, 4E will help prepare readers for the ASE (A5) certification exam, as well, with ASE Challenge questions at the end of each chapter of the Shop Manual, and a Practice Exam in the Appendix. Major updates in this edition include coverage of the latest materials used in brake systems, current electronics, and an expanded but more general coverage of electric braking systems, so users don't get bogged down with highly detailed, manufacturer-specific information. Together, the Classroom and Shop Manuals offer all the information needed to understand, diagnose, and repair most problems that could occur with today's brakes systems.

Product Benefits:

  • Up-to-date drawings, photos, and schematics show modern brake technology and applications in detail
  • The two Manuals cover the 2005 Automobile Program Standards for Brakes
  • The Shop Manual includes all new content on diagnosing electric parking brakes and electric braking systems
  • A new chapter titled Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) simplifies the discussion on traditional anti-lock brakes systems (ABS) while retaining the information for a complete understanding of ABS
  • Coverage of ABS within a vehicle stability system is included to reflect the fact that this is appearing on more and more vehicles, preparing users for work in the industry

Table of Contents:

Classroom Manual

Chapter 1 Brake System Fundamentals
Chapter 2 Principles and Theories of Operation
Chapter 3 Related Systems
Chapter 4 Master Cylinders and Fluids
Chapter 5 Hydraulic Lines, Hoses, Valves, and Electrical Devices
Chapter 6 Power Brake Systems
Chapter 7 Disc Brake Systems
Chapter 8 Drum Brake Systems
Chapter 9 Parking Brake System
Chapter 10 Electronic Braking Systems

Shop Manual

Chapter 1 Personal and Brake Safety
Chapter 2 Brake Service Tools and Equipment
Chapter 3 Related Systems Service
Chapter 4 Master Cylinder Service
Chapter 5 Hydraulic Line, Valve, and Switch Service
Chapter 6 Power Brake Service
Chapter 7 Disc Brake Service
Chapter 8 Drum Brake Service
Chapter 9 Parking Brake Service
Chapter 10 Electrical Brake System Service

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