Practical Problems in Mathematics for Electricians

Eighth Edition
Author: Stephen L. Herman
ISBN #: 1428324011
©2008   Publish Date: 07/13/2007
Binding: PB
Pages: 256
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $79.95


Gain the math skills you need to succeed in the electrical trade with this new edition of Practical Problems in Mathematics for Electricians. Using the same straightforward writing style and simple, step-by-step explanations that made previous editions so reader-friendly, the eighth edition includes updated illustrations and information for a better learning experience than ever before! The book begins with basic arithmetic and then, once these basic topics have been mastered, progresses to algebra and then trigonometry. Practical problems with real-world scenarios from the electrical field are used throughout, allowing readers to apply key mathematical concepts at the same time as they are developing an awareness of basic electrical terms and practices. This is the perfect resource for anyone entering the electrical industry, or simply looking to brush up on the necessary math.

Product Benefits:

  • Diagrams, charts, and other illustrations have been updated to help readers visualize key concepts
  • Multi-step word problems encourage readers to apply what they have learned, allowing them to be active participants in the learning process
  • Step-by-step examples ensure a clear understanding of each step is established before moving on to the next one

Table of Contents:

Addition of whole numbers
Subtraction of whole numbers
Multiplication of whole numbers
Division of whole numbers
Combined operations with whole numbers
Addition of common fractions
Subtraction of common fractions
Multiplication of common fractions
Division of common fractions
Combined operations with common fractions
Addition of decimal fractions
Subtractions of decimal fractions
Multiplications of decimal fractions
Division of decimal fractions
Decimal and common fraction equivalents
Combined operations with decimal fractions
Percent and percentage
Averages and estimates
Combined problems on percents, averages, and estimates
Combined operations with powers and roots
Metric measure and scientific notation
Length measure
Area measure
Volume and mass measure
Energy and temperature measure
Combined problems on measure
Combined operations with ratio and proportion
Representations in formulas
Rearrangement in formulas
General simple formulas
Ohms law formulas
Power formulas
Combined problems on formulas
Right triangles
Trigonometric functions
Plane vectors
Rotating vectors
Combined problems in trigonometry
Number systems

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