Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Technician Certification Test Preparation Manual

Second Edition
Author: Don Knowles
ISBN #: 1418066001
©2008   Publish Date: 07/30/2007
Binding: PB
Pages: 576
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $59.95


Updated to reflect the most current ASE tasks, this book combines a clear writing style, in-depth coverage, and abundant practice questions and tests to deliver a tool that will help trucking technicians and students successfully prepare for all eight areas of the Medium/Heavy Duty Truck certification exams. Each chapter of the Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Technician Certification Test Preparation Manual, 2nd Edition is devoted to thoroughly covering one specific ASE truck test, resulting in eight core chapters that instill the knowledge and skills needed to get certified. These chapters include extensive coverage of all the ASE tasks associated with each test, ASE-style questions to familiarize users with the testing format, as well as hints to encourage users to be actively involved in the problem-solving process. Pre-tests, post-tests, and sample tests are all accompanied by answers and answer analysis so users can receive immediate feedback for a continuous learning process.

Product Benefits:

  • diagrams and charts are used to illustrate key concepts, and to reflect current ASE tests that sometimes employ illustrations as the basis for test questions
  • pre-tests at the beginning of each chapter provide users with a starting point for each topic, and a measure of which areas they need to focus on
  • post-tests follow each chapter to test knowledge, helping users to determine if additional study on a particular topic is required
  • back-of-book glossary serves as a quick reference for difficult terms

Table of Contents:

ASE Testing
Objective Tests
Chapter 1 Gasoline Engines
Chapter 2 Diesel Engines
Chapter 3 Drivetrain
Chapter 4 Brakes
Chapter 5 Steering and Suspension
Chapter 6 Electrical/Electronic Systems
Chapter 7 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
Chapter 8 Preventive Maintenance and Inspection (PMI)

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