Practical Heating Technology

Second Edition
Author: Bill Johnson; Kevin Standiford
ISBN #: 141808039X
©2009   Publish Date: 08/28/2008
Binding: HB
Pages: 528
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $249.95


Newly expanded and updated to meet the needs of today's technicians, Practical Heating Technology, 2E offers comprehensive, in-depth coverage of modern heating theory, systems, and service. This book is the perfect on-site resource, providing easily accessible information on all major types of heating systems, including oil, gas, electric, and hydronic systems. A clear, conversational writing style is used to allow readers to quickly and easily grasp important concepts, and develop the terminology needed to interact with others in the industry, from sales people to fellow technicians. Updates to this 2nd edition include expanded coverage of basic electricity and new units on electric motors and blueprint reading. Thorough, real-world examples, step-by-step explanations, and detailed case studies make this book an indispensable resource that belongs in every technician's toolkit.

Product Benefits:

  • Detailed, informative illustrations, photographs, and drawings clarify key concepts
  • "Service Call" case studies prepare readers for real-world scenarios, leading them from problem identification all the way through to problem resolution
  • Design tables provide useful resource for detecting design flaws in the field
  • Emphasis on safety throughout ensures that readers are not only accurate in their fieldwork, but also protective of their well-being and the well-being of others around them

Table of Contents:

Unit 1 Theory of Electricity
Unit 2 Electric Motors
Unit 3 Electric-Heat Equipment
Unit 4 Controls and Wiring for Electric Heat
Unit 5 Troubleshooting and Maintenance for Electric-Heat Equipment
Unit 6 Theory of Gas and Combustion
Unit 7 Gas Heat: Natural and LP
Unit 8 Gas-Burning Equipment
Unit 9 Gas Piping, Venting and Appliance Efficiency
Unit 10 Troubleshooting and Maintenance for Gas-Fired Equipment
Unit 11 Theory of Oil Heat and Combustion
Unit 12 Oil Heat Components
Unit 13 Oil-Burning Equipment
Unit 14 Burning Oil as Fuel
Unit 15 Troubleshooting and Maintenance for Oil-Fired Equipment
Unit 16 Properties of Water
Unit 17 Hot-Water Heat
Unit 18 Steam Heat
Unit 19 Technician Service Call for Hot-Water and Steam Systems
Unit 20 Air Humidification and Filtration
Unit 21 System design
Unit 22 Air Distribution and Balance
Unit 23 Introduction to Blueprint Reading to HVAC Technicians

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