Data, Voice and Video Cabling

Third Edition
Author: Jim Hayes; Paul Rosenberg
ISBN #: 1428334726
©2009   Publish Date: 07/08/2008
Binding: PB
Pages: 324
Publisher: Cengage Learning

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Cabling is one of the fastest changing technologies, and Data, Voice and Video Cabling, 3rd Edition, has been updated to address all the latest developments in premises cabling, including technologies and applications in copper, fiber, and wireless cabling. This text is organized to aid in the understanding of cabling, by following a logical format that covers background information on communications systems and media first, and then delves into more detailed discussions on each media type: copper, wireless, and fiber. Separating the key concepts into specific sections also helps to minimize confusion between the unique installation practices among the different technologies. Within each section, topics progress from the basics to components, installation, and testing to assist in the development of individual skills. This book also provides readers with important background and resources regarding the most recent cabling standards, which are an integral part of this fast-paced industry.

Product Benefits:

  • Written in a comprehensive and logical manner in order to facilitate understanding of cabling
  • Basic, up-to-date coverage of the technology and installation of premises cabling can be easily understood by readers who don't have a technical background
  • Discussions as well as illustrations of the practical aspects of cabling -not just the standards- show how real-world installers perform real-world installations
  • Coverage includes an industry-wide overview of communications, as well as cabling standards
  • Useful information on installation practices such as pulling cables, termination, and testing make this an invaluable reference to both cable installers and contractors alike

Table of Contents:

Part 1. Introduction to Data, Voice, and Video Cabling.
1. The History of Telecommunications.
2. The Technology of Communications.
3. Overview of Wiring Installations.
4. Structured Cabling.
Part 2. Copper Wiring.
5. Telephone Wiring.
6. Video System Installations.
7. Network Cabling.
8. Cabling for Wireless Networks.
9. Testing Voice, Data, and Video Wiring.
10. Wiring Termination Practices.
Part 3. Fiber Optics.
11. Fiber Optic Cabling Systems.
12. Optical Fiber and Cable.
13. Fiber Optic Connectors and Splices.
14. Fiber Optic Testing.
15. Fiber Optic Installation Practices.
Part 4. The Business of Data, Voice, and Video Cabling.
16. Business Issues.

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