Collision Repair and Refinishing, A Foundation Course for Technicians

First Edition
Author: Alfred Thomas; Michael Jund
ISBN #: 1401889948
©2010   Publish Date: 04/14/2009
Binding: HB
Pages: 832
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $159.95


This new book covers all the necessary tasks for gaining knowledge of collision repair and refinishing as outlined by NATEF. In-depth coverage includes structural and non-structural analysis and damage repair, welding, painting and refinishing, paint chemistry, sacrificial coatings for corrosion resistance, and more. The logical progression of topics and easy-to-understand style help convey the professional knowledge and technical know-how that readers need to employ on the job.

Product Benefits:

  • Up-to-date, full-color illustrations help users visualize tasks and procedures as they are described
  • Important safety reminders help build an awareness of hazards that may be encountered on-the-job
  • Useful "Tech Tips" offer snapshots of real life situations to help readers do the job faster, easier, and more safely
  • Provides in-depth knowledge of everything from tool identification to returning frame damage to a manufacturer's specifications
  • Features the trade's most common terms and jargon from expert authors who are both master technicians and collision repair instructors
  • An excellent companion to I-CAR's enhanced delivery curriculum

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Collision Repair
Chapter 2: Collision Shop Safety
Chapter 3: Hand Tools
Chapter 4: Power Tools
Chapter 5: Welding Procedures and Equipment
Chapter 6: Vehicle Construction
Chapter 7: Straightening Steel and Aluminum
Chapter 8: Body Filler
Chapter 9: Trim and Hardware
Chapter 10: Estimating Collision Damage
Chapter 11: Collision Damage Analysis
Chapter 12: Bolted Exterior Panel Replacement
Chapter 13: Measuring Structural Damage
Chapter 14: Straightening Unibody
Chapter 15: Structural Parts Replacement
Chapter 16: Full Frame Sectioning/Replacement
Chapter 17: Welded Exterior Panel Replacement
Chapter 18: Plastic Repair
Chapter 19: Corrosion Protection
Chapter 20: Paint Spray Guns
Chapter 21: Spray Techniques
Chapter 22: Equipment for the Refinishing Shop
Chapter 23: Detailing
Chapter 24: Understanding Refinishing
Chapter 25: Surface Preparation
Chapter 26: Masking Materials and Procedures
Chapter 27: Solvents for Refinishing
Chapter 28: Application of Undercoats
Chapter 29: Advanced Refinishing Procedures
Chapter 30: Color Evaluation and Adjustment
Chapter 31: Paint Problems and Prevention

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