Electricity 3, Power Generation and Delivery

Ninth Edition
Author: Jeffrey J. Keljik
ISBN #: 1435400291
©2009   Publish Date: 05/28/2008
Binding: PB
Pages: 276
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $99.95


Designed for both novice and practicing electrical workers, Electricity: Power Generation and Delivery, 9th Edition, explores various types of generators and the delivery of single phase and three-phase power to the customer site. The ninth edition is updated to the 2008 National Electrical CodeĀ® and includes safety features from the power supply industry and current OSHA standards where applicable. This updated edition also features all-new coverage of generator maintenance and troubleshooting and expanded coverage of transfer switches, transformers, and connections. With a continued focus on the "hows" and "whys" of electrical system operation, readers will gain a solid understanding that goes beyond what to do in an electrical problem to why various electrical procedures are important.

Product Benefits:

  • Short, easy-to-read chapters provide readers with a quick reference for specific topics
  • Detailed, practical artwork provides schematic views, and real photographs of equipment help readers visualize key concepts
  • Current technologies are examined in conjunction with older technologies still in use, providing the necessary information to transition to newer systems
  • "Achievement Reviews" allow users to check their comprehension as they progress through the book

Table of Contents:

Preface. 1-Operating Principles of DC Generators. 2-The Separately Excited DC Generator. 3-The Self Excited Shunt Generator. 4-Compound Wound DC Generator. 5-Summary of Units 1-4. 6-Single Phase AC Generation Principles. 7-Introduction to Polyphase Circuits. 8-The Three Phase Wye Connection. 9-The Three Phase Delta Connection. 10-Summary of Units 6-9. 11-Physical and Electrical Characteristics of Three Phase Alternators. 12-Engine Driven Generating Sets. 13-Parallel Operation of Three Phase Alternators. 14-Wiring for Alternators. 15-Summary of Units 11-14. 16-Basic Principles of Transformers. 17-Single Phase Transformers. 18-The Single Phase, Three Wire Secondary System. 19-Single Phase Transformers Connected in Delta. 20-Single Phase Transformers Connected in a Wye Installation. 21-Wye and Delta Connections of Single Phase Transformers. 22-Instrument Transformers. 23-Three Phase Transformers. 24-National Electrical Code Requirements for Transformer Installations. 25. Summary of Power Transformers Units 16-24. Glossary. Index.

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