Electricity 4, AC/DC Motors, Controls, and Maintenance

Ninth Edition
Author: Jeffrey J. Keljik
ISBN #: 1435400313
©2009   Publish Date: 05/28/2008
Binding: PB
Pages: 376
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $99.95


Obtain quick and easy access to information on DC and AC motors, various types of manual, magnetic, and electronic controls, and the installation and maintenance functions of each. Updated to the 2008 National Electrical CodeĀ® and featuring safety references to the most current OSHA Safe Work policies, Electricity 4: AC/DC Motors, Controls, and Maintenance, 9th Edition provides practical, hands-on information to get the electrical system operating as well as the theory of "why" the system works to aid in troubleshooting. The Ninth Edition features material on Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and newer controls for servo and small motors. Current practices and equipment have also been added to the Maintenance section to better enable readers to troubleshoot motors and control problems.

Product Benefits:

  • All material has been updated to bring the "state-of-the-industry" principles and practices to new and practicing electrical workers
  • More control systems using programmable controls and the use of electronic controls have been added to the advancement of control systems
  • Current and past technologies are thoroughly examined to provide reference to older systems still in use and provide the necessary information to transition to newer systems
  • Formulas and examples are explained step-by-step, and solutions are provided to reinforce processes and aid in application

Table of Contents:

1-The DC Shunt Motor. 2-The DC Series Motor. 3-DC Compound Motors. 4-Summary of Units 1-3. 5-Manual Starting Rheostats for DC Motors. 6-Special DC Starting Rheostats. 7-Basic Principles of Automatic Motor Control. 8-The DC Counter EMF Motor Controller and DC Variable Speed Motor Drives. 9-The DC Voltage Drop Acceleration Controller. 10-The DC Series Lockout Relay Acceleration Controller. 11-Dynamic Breaking With a DC Motor Reversal Control. 12-Summary of Units 5-11. 13-Electromechanical and Solid State Relays and Timers. 14-Three Phase, Squirrel Cage Induction Motor. 15-Starting Three Phase, Squirrel Cage Induction Motors. 16-Controllers for Three Phase Motors. 17-Three Phase Wound Rotor Induction Motor. 18-Manual Speed Controllers for Wound-rotor Induction Motors. 19-Summary of Units 13-18. 20-The Synchronous Motor. 21-Three Phase Motor Installations. 22-Single Phase Induction Motors. 23-Repulsion Motors. 24-Alternating Current Series Motors. 25-Selsyn Units. 26-Motor Maintenance. 27-Summary of Units 20-26. Glossary. Index.

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