Electricity 1, Devices, Circuits & Materials

Ninth Edition
Author: Thomas Kubala
ISBN #: 1435400720
©2009   Publish Date: 05/28/2008
Binding: PB
Pages: 192
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $99.95


Designed to give readers the "building blocks" of electricity concepts, the sequence of topics and practical applications in this book will provide a solid foundation in electron theory and movement, direct-current series circuits, parallel circuits, series-parallel circuits, voltage line drops, rotating machinery fundamentals, and more! Electricity 1: Devices, Circuits and Materials, 9th Edition follows the same user-friendly approach that made previous editions so effective, while incorporating updates based on the 2008 National Electrical CodeĀ®. Featuring current industry terminology, photographs of commonly used electrical equipment, and sample problems with solutions, this is an ideal choice for a first course in basic electricity, house wiring, or commercial installations.

Product Benefits:

  • a reader-friendly orientation to electrical principles is supplemented with detailed diagrams for visually-enhanced learning
  • real-world coverage includes modern applications of power installations, various types of electrical conductors and wire sizes, and present-day electrical devices and materials
  • current troubleshooting methods are explored to help develop critical-thinking skills
  • problems and solutions at the end of each unit help readers assess their understanding of essential concepts while helping to identify topics requiring further review

Table of Contents:

1 Introduction
2 Electron Theory and Ohms law
3 Series Circuits
4 Parallel Circuits
5 Series-Parallel Circuits
6 Electrical Energy and Power
7 Batteries
8 Electrical Conductors and Wire Sizes
9 Voltage Drop Across Conductors
10 Summary Review of Units 1-9
11 Magnets and Magnetic Fields
12 Electromagnetism
13 Generation of Electromotive Force
14 Direct-Current Motor Principles
15 Summary Review of Units 11-14
16 Typical Bell Circuits
17 Switch Control of Lighting Circuits
18 Wiring Materials
19 Remote Control Systems for Lighting Circuits
20 Summary Review of Units 16-19

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