The Car Care Book

Fourth Edition
Author: Ron Haefner
ISBN #: 1428342958
©2010   Publish Date: 12/17/2008
Binding: PB
Pages: 496
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $199.95


Consumers typically face three main challenges when it comes to understanding their automobiles: the technologies underlying the car's major systems, the basics of inspection and maintenance, and the financial aspects of owning and operating an automobile. In this updated edition, The Car Care Book, 4th Edition explores these areas, using the very latest automobile technology to provide an accurate, current context for learning. The book first breaks each section of the car into systems and subsystems to help the reader digest important concepts. Coverage then progresses to include the common tools needed to perform car maintenance and minor repairs, as well as building a preventive maintenance program. Concluding with a section on financial issues, from buying and selling to insurance considerations to the benefits of leasing, this resource provides a thorough and comprehensive overview of basic automobile care.

Product Benefits:

  • An all-new chapter on electric and hybrid vehicles discusses these emerging technologies, including basic maintenance and important safety considerations
  • Detailed illustrations and photos depict the components of the car and their locations, with cutaway views of the inside of various key systems for enhanced comprehension
  • Broad, general coverage avoids model-specific content so the concepts are accessible and applicable for a wide audience of readers
  • Short, concise chapters deliver content in manageable chunks that are modular in format for flexible classroom presentation or self-study learning

Table of Contents:

What makes the Wheels Go Round?
Tooling Up.
The Engine.
The Fuel System.
The Electrical System.
The Lubrication and Cooling System.
The Drivetrain.
Tires and Brakes.
Suspension and Steering.
Heating, Air Conditioning, and Optional Equipment.
Your Maintenance Program.
A Look at Repairs.
The Repair-It/Replace-It Decision.
Buying Tips for Parts and Insurance.
Buying a New Car.

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