Home Recording Studio, Build it Like the Pros

First Edition
Author: Rod Gervais
ISBN #: 1598630342
©2006   Publish Date: 03/08/2006
Binding: PB
Pages: 344
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $39.99


More and more musicians are constructing home studios as a cost-effective solution to creating and producing music in a commercial studio. "Home Recording Construction: Build It Like the Pros" presents a simple, step-by-step plan for constructing a home studio. Each step features visual aids to illustrate the underlying concept, as well as professional tips and examples of actual studios. The book covers everything from room design, electrical considerations, room treatments, and codes, permits, and special needs. The author offers over thirty years of experience and a comprehensive and cost-effective plan that will have even novices building-and recording-in no time.

Product Benefits:

  • Written for musicians who are looking to produce digital or analog music recordings in their home studio environment.
  • Provides a step-by-step guide to the construction of a home recording studio, whether they plan to build in the basement of their home, or the bedroom of an apartment.
  • Allows readers to begin building quickly, using tested construction techniques and cost-effective techniques.
  • Features tips, examples, and vivid illustrations throughout.
  • Companion website available here: http://www.delmarlearning.com/companions/index.asp?isbn=1598630342

Table of Contents:

1. Getting Started
2. Modes, Nodes, and Other Terms of Confusion
3. Isolation Techniques - Understanding the Concepts
4. Floor, Wall, and Ceiling Construction Details
5. Window and Door Construction
6. Electrical Considerations
7. HVAC Design Concepts
8. Room Testing
9. Room Treatments
10. Putting It All Together
11. Myths and Legends
12. Codes, Permits, and Special Needs

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