OpenProj, The OpenSource Solution for Managing Your Projects

First Edition
Author: Lisa A. Bucki
ISBN #: 1598638173
©2009   Publish Date: 09/23/2008
Binding: PB
Pages: 320
Publisher: Cengage Learning PTR

Price: $24.99

Product Benefits:

  • Presents project management essentials without overwhelming the reader.
  • Features a complete chapter dedicated to working with an entire project in OpenProj, maximizing reader comprehension and mastery.
  • Common missteps are clearly identified to guide the reader past typical user pitfalls.
  • Combines narrative, steps, and hands-on approaches to suit a variety of learning styles.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Your First Look at Project Management and OpenProj;

Chapter 1: The Project Management Process and OpenProj;

Chapter 2: Learning OpenProj Basics;

Chapter 3: Jump Start: Create and Manage a Project;

Part 2: Building a Project Plan;

Chapter 4: Creating a Project Plan File and Calendar;

Chapter 5: Adding and Organizing Tasks;

Chapter 6: Scheduling the Project by Linking Tasks;

Chapter 7: Listing the Resources You Need;

Chapter 8: Assigning Resources to Tasks;

Chapter 9: Enhancing Task and Resource Information (Provisional);

Part 3: Finalizing and Launching a Project;

Chapter 10: Reviewing and Adjusting the Plan;

Chapter 11: Setting the Baseline and Tracking Work;

Part 4: Reviewing and Sharing Results;

Chapter 12: Using and Printing Views;

Chapter 13: Reporting Project Information;

Appendix A: OpenProj Installation Notes;

Appendix B: Chapter Review Solutions

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