Trucking: Tractor-Trailer Driver Web Based Training (WBT)

First Edition
Author: Delmar, Cengage Learning
ISBN #: 1435454073
©2011   Publish Date: 03/24/2010
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $114.95


The Trucking: Tractor Trailer Driver Web Based Training (WBT) provides a comprehensive driver training curriculum available online. This user-friendly product contains core content while utilizing graphics, animations, and interactions to keep the student engaged throughout the learning process. Use it alone, or in combination with the Tractor-Trailer Driver Handbook/Workbook for an unrivaled learning experience.

Product Benefits:

  • attention-grabbing animations and learner interactions keep users interested and engaged throughout the course of the program
  • book-marking technology enables users to track their progress from beginning to end
  • periodic progress checks and end-of section reviews are integrated throughout to ensure the highest level of retention
  • a certificate of completion can be printed by users achieving a score of 80% of higher on the final review of the course
  • The web-based format has been developed to comply with AICC or SCORM compliance standards.
  • all material follows the latest FMCSA regulation guidelines

Table of Contents:

Hours of Service
Transportation Technology
Whistleblower Protections
The Commercial Driver's License
Control Systems
Vehicle Systems
Basic Control
Space Management
Speed Management
Railroad Crossings
Emergency Maneuvers
Accident Procedures
Trip Planning
Driving International Routes
Transportation Security
Visual Search
Night Driving
Extreme Driving Conditions
Skid Control
Hazard Awareness
Coupling & Uncoupling
Sliding Fifth Wheels & Tandem Axles
Special Rigs
Preventive Maintenance & Servicing
Recognizing & Reporting Malfunctions
Handling, Documentation
Hazardous Materials
Public Relations & Job Search
Professional Driver Health
Safety & Security

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