Engineering and Technology

First Edition
Author: Michael Hacker; David Burghardt; Linnea Fletcher; Anthony Gordon; William Peruzzi; Richard Prestopnik; Mike Qaissaunee
ISBN #: 141807389X
©2010   Publish Date: 03/18/2009
Binding: HB
Pages: 784
Publisher: Cengage Learning

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Driven by the Standards for Technological Literacy, this National Science Foundation-sponsored book is written by national leaders in engineering and technology education and addresses the most contemporary technological content using engaging, pedagogically sound "informed design" activities. This unique approach encourages students to develop a thorough understanding of engineering and technology before they ever attempt to develop detailed design solutions. The activities present students with a design problem, and prompt students to begin the solution-finding process with research, inquiry, and analysis. Only after this important step can students begin to discuss specifications and constraints, propose alternatives, and select an optimal design. This process fosters a strong student-teacher discourse and cultivates language proficiency, both with the end result of enhancing student's overall knowledge. Testing, evaluation, and modifications are addressed next, followed by a communication of achievements in a class presentation and final design report. Woven throughout the text are passages that will acquaint students with the requirements, responsibilities, necessary personal attributes and attitudes, and educational pathways that will lead to success in the various technological areas.

Product Benefits:

  • A companion Student Activity Guide provides Knowledge and Skill Builders (KSBs) that deliver short, focused activities designed to teach salient concepts and skills, preparing students to reach informed design solutions, instead of engaging trial-and-error problem solving where conceptual closure is often not attained
  • "Engineering Quick Take" presents chapter ideas within an engineering context and provides mathematical and scientific analyses that are age appropriate
  • "Technology and People" introduces readers to charismatic women and men who have made significant technological contributions
  • "Technology in the Real World" articles showcase interesting innovations and trends, fun facts, extreme engineering, and socio-technological impacts
  • Student Activity Guide provides space for students to record their research into design ideas, proposed solutions, pre-design tasks, testing and analysis, as well as design modifications and communications of results, making it the perfect companion throughout their work in the class
  • Teacher's Guide provides resources to help make classroom preparation efficient and effective
  • Program website complements textbook information with useful links and additional resources
  • "Designed World" sections provide readers with a holistic view of how modern technology affects their lives

Table of Contents:

1. Engineering, Technology, Society, and Culture.
2. Informed Design.
3. Developing Abilities for a Technological World.
4. Materials Processing.
5. Manufacturing.
6. Construction.
7. Energy and Power.
8. Transportation.
9. Electricity and Electronics.
10. Computers and Computer Architecture.
11. Modern Electronic Communication.
12. Data Networking and Communication.
13. Biotechnology.
14. Chemical Technology.
15. Agricultural Technology.
16. Medical Technology.
17. Technology in the Future.

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