Electrical Studies for Trades

Fourth Edition
Author: Stephen L. Herman
ISBN #: 1435469828
©2010   Publish Date: 04/27/2009
Binding: PB
Pages: 560
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $174.95


ELECTRICAL STUDIES FOR TRADES, 4th EDITION is ideal for current and future service technicians in fields such as air conditioning and refrigeration, construction, and facilities management who require practical knowledge of electricity. This book begins with an overview of basic electricity concepts rather than introducing complex mathematical calculations. From this starting point, readers proceed directly to "must-know" information, including how to determine wire sizes and make a variety of common switch connections. Different types of electrical power panels are also examined in detail. Discussion of general wiring practices and circuit protectors, as well as an introduction to transformers and three-phase and single-phase motors, rounds out the comprehensive coverage.

Product Benefits:

  • PHOTOGRAPHS/ILLUSTRATIONS: Many photographs and illustrations have been updated.
  • LATEST INFORMATION: New information on grounding and procedures for testing the quality of the grounding system.
  • NEW UNITS: A new unit has been added that explains in detail the procedure for determining conductor size, fuse or circuit breaker size, overload size, and starter size for electric motors.
  • NEW INFORMATION: Information on low voltage chime circuits has been added to the section on General Wiring Practices.
  • INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE CD: Unit presentations done in PowerPoint and testbanks are now available on an instructor resource CD.
  • UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION: Provides completely up-to-date information on both motion and process control to ensure that the entire spectrum of industrial control is addressed.
  • REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES: Examples that mirror the types of situations technicians face in the field are used throughout to reinforce the practical, applied, approach to electricity fundamentals.
  • MEASUREMENT INSTRUMENTS EXPLAINED: Measurement instruments commonly used in the field are identified and explained to assist readers in using them and interpreting results.
  • STAND ALONE UNITS: Stand-alone units allow readers to gain an overall understanding of electricity basics, while focusing their attention on topics that relate to particular trades.

Table of Contents:

1. Atomic Structure.
2. Electrical Quantities, Ohm's Law, and Resistors.
3. Static Electricity.
4. Magnetism.
5. Series Circuits.
6. Parallel Circuits.
7. Combination Circuits.
8. Measuring Instruments.
9. Alternating Current.
10. Alternating Current Loads.
11. Capacitive Loads.
12. Three-Phase Circuits.
13. Transformers.
14. Electrical Services.
15. General Wiring Practices.
16. Three-Phase Motors.
17. Single-Phase Motors.
18. Schematics and Wiring Diagrams.

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