Basic Blueprint Reading and Sketching

Ninth Edition
Author: Thomas P. Olivo; C. Thomas Olivo
ISBN #: 1435483782
©2010   Publish Date: 03/10/2010
Binding: PB
Pages: 320
Publisher: Cengage Learning

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For over 50 years, Basic Blueprint Reading and Sketching has been an international best-seller, with close to $500,000 in sales and THE definitive resource for blueprint reading. The newly revised 9th edition of Basic Blueprint Reading and Sketching continues the traditions in helping to readers achieve competence in reading and sketching technical drawings. This classic interactive book/workbook will help users develop skills in reading and interpreting industrial drawings and preparing basic to advanced technical sketches. This book will provide them with basic principles, concepts, ANSI and SI Metric drafting symbols and standards, terminology, manufacturing process notes, and other related technical information contained on a mechanical or CAD drawing. Each unit features a basic principle and at least one blueprint and assignment that encourages students to practice newly learned skills. This edition contains coverage of the latest ANSI, ISO, AWS and ASME standards.

Product Benefits:

  • New Unit 5 covering Projection Lines & other line types added recognizing the incrasing impact of CAD on the subject of BPR.
  • New Unit 18, Interchangeable Parts, Allowances and Class of fit added to teach users how to dimension mating parts not needing GD&T, filling a previous void of how to get from a detail drawing to an assembly drawing.
  • Modifies over one hundred and eighty figures and drawings, where appropriate, to more clearly represent the best drafting techniques.
  • Updates all GD&T related content, charts and drawings in Unit 29 to reflect the latest ANSI standards.
  • Updates and revises all references to computers used in drawing, storage, CNC and MFG, CAD/CAM, CADD, CIM robotics, scanning and copying.
  • New Unit 32, Surfact Developments & Precision Sheet Metal Drawings, added in response to reviewer feedback.
  • Updates expanded coverage on geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD and T) to the most current ANSI standards and revises numerous drawings to conform to ANSI Y14-M standards and ISO metric standards.
  • Includes major enhancements to the graphics and line quality of drawings, as well as a more functional use of color help in developing print reading skills with accuracy.
  • Contains very short units of instruction that break up material into manageable chunks of information with abundant assignment, including sketching, that serve to engage reader interest.

Table of Contents:

Section 1 Lines.
1. Bases for Blueprint Reading and Sketching.
2. The Alphabet of Lines and Object Lines.
3. Hidden Lines and Center Lines.
4. Extension Lines and Dimension Lines.
5. Projection Lines and Line Combinations.
Section 2 Views.
6. Three-View Drawings.
7. Arrangement of Views.
8. Two-View Drawings.
9. One-View Drawings.
10. Auxiliary Views.
Section 3 Dimensions and Notes.
11. Size and Location Dimensions.
12. Dimensioning Cylinders, Circles, and Arcs.
13. Size Dimensions for Holes and Angles.
14. Location Dimensions for Points, Centers, and Holes.
15. Dimensioning Large Arcs and Base Line Dimensions.
16. Tolerances: Fractional and Angular Dimensions.
17. Unilateral, Lateral, Decimal, Tolerances and Limits.
18. Interchangeable Parts, Allowances and Classes of Fit.
19. Representing and Dimensioning External Screw Threads.
20. Representing and Specifying Internal and Left-Hand Threads.
21. Dimensioning Tapers and Machined Surfaces.
22. Dimensioning with Shop Notes.
Section 4 The SI Metric System.
23. Metric System Dimensioning and ISO Symbols.
24. First-Angle Projection and Dimensioning.
25. Metric Screw Threads, Dual Dimensioning, and Tolerancing.
Section 5 Sections.
26. Cutting Planes, Full Sections, and Section Lining.
27. Half Sections, Partial Sections, and Full-Section Assembly Drawings.
Section 6 Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Fundamentals.
28. Datums: Ordinate and Tabular Dimensioning.
Section 7 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.
29. Geometric Dimensioning, Tolerancing, and Datum Referencing.
Section 8 Computer Graphics Technology.
30. CADD/CAM/CIM and Robotics.
Section 9 Specialty Drawings.
31. Welding Symbols, Representation, and Dimensioning.
32. Surface Developments and Precision Sheet Metal Drawings.
Section 10Working Drawings.
33. Detail Drawings and Assembly Drawings.
Section 11Sketching Lines and Basic Forms.
34. Sketching Horizontal, Vertical, and Slant Lines.
35. Sketching Curved Lines and Circles.
36. Sketching Irregular Shapes.
37.Sketching Fillets, Radii, and Rounded Corners and Edges.
Section 12 Freehand Lettering.
38.Freehand Vertical Lettering.
39. Freehand Inclined Lettering.
Section 13 Shop Sketching: Pictorial Drawings.
40. Orthographic Sketching.
41. Oblique Sketching.
42. Isometric Sketching.
43. Perspective Sketching.
44. Pictorial Drawings and Dimensions.
Section 14 Sketching for CAD/CNC.
45. Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional CAD Sketching.
46. Proportions and Assembly Drawings.
Glossary of Select Terms.

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