Guide to Diagnostic Product Certification – Transportation

First Edition
Author: Matthew Janisin
ISBN #: 1435483790
©2013   Publish Date: 02/22/2012
Binding: PB
Pages: 528
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $103.95


The Guide to SNAP-ON DIAGNOSTIC CERTIFICATION MANUAL is intended to give your students the knowledge they need to more effectively use their Snap-On diagnostic tools. As vehicles have become more complex so have the tools used to diagnose them. While many automotive programs do a great job teaching the vehicle systems, few take the time to explain in detail the sophisticated diagnostic tools needed to diagnosis them. Current market research indicates that most technicians only use about 15% of their diagnostic tools' capabilities:, this manual, designed to accompany the Snap-On Diagnostic Certification Program, will aims to boost usage to 90%. The manual begins with a physical overview of each of the tools and explains the various ports, connectors, buttons and controls. In separate sections each tool's utility menu is fully explained and all customizable features are discussed so the user will have full control to make the tool their own. Finally, every aspect of the tool including the Scanner, Lab Scope, Component Test Meter, Troubleshooter, and all other options are explained in detail. This manual will greatly increase a student's employability and a technician's productivity when either is faced with a complex diagnostic situation.

Product Benefits:

  • Clear and distinct sections make finding the most relevant information quick and easy.
  • In depth analysis and training on all level of diagnostic tools including Ethos, Solus Pro, Vantage Pro, and MODIS.
  • Your students will get more value out of the tools they already own and increase their employability and productivity.
  • Review questions to help your students pass the Snap-On Diagnostic Certification Tests.
  • Actual repair situations are discussed in relation to incorporating the various diagnostic tools and techniques.
  • Your students will become a Power User of the diagnostic tool, utilizing over 90% of its features and benefits.

Table of Contents:

1. Ethos.
2. Solus Pro.
3. Vantage Pro.
5. Data Management.
6. Scanner Introduction.
7. Global OBD verse VIN Specific Information.
8. Codes Menu.
9. Viewing & Interpreting Scanner Data (added "Scanner" to title, little more clear).
10. Functional Tests.
11. Fast-Track Troubleshooter.
12. Component Testing.
13. Multimeter Functions.
14. Lab Scope Operation.
15. ShopKey.
16. Verus.

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