Residential Construction Academy, House Wiring

Third Edition
Author: Gregory W. Fletcher
ISBN #: 1111306214
©2012   Publish Date: 05/18/2011
Binding: HB
Pages: 704
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $139.95


RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION ACADEMY: HOUSE WIRING, 3E offers a concrete approach to teaching the most current electrical wiring practices in use in the housing industry. Like all books in the RCA series, House Wiring is based on the Skills Standards approved by NAHB's Home Builders Institute. The NAHB/HBI Skills Standards were developed by a board of industry and academic experts. Popular topics such as alternative energy systems and "green" coverage including sustainable building practices as they apply to house wiring are included in this new edition. This text is also updated to include the latest 2011 Electrical Code, An increased number of procedures help students better understand common house wiring practices along with additional end of the chapter review questions that help to reinforce material covered and improve critical thinking skills. Teaching aids such as a "From Experience" section which addresses common residential wiring practices and scenarios and "Caution" boxes that emphasize the on-going importance of safety help students retain and apply what they have learned. An English and Spanish glossary is also included.

Product Benefits:

  • Chapters 21 and 22 are new chapters with material on green wiring practices and alternative energy systems, including photovoltaics and small wind turbines.
  • New material throughout on "Green" coverage including sustainable building practices as they apply to house wiring.
  • All material updated to the latest 2011 National Electrical Code.
  • Increased number of end of chapter review questions.
  • Several new procedures have been added to better illustrate and better help students understand house wiring practices.
  • English and Spanish glossary is included.
  • "From Experience" section addresses common residential wiring practices and scenarios, providing the opportunity for readers to apply what they have learned.
  • "Caution" boxes throughout the book emphasize the ongoing importance of safety in every stage of wiring installation.
  • Additional updated end of chapter review questions reinforce material covered and improve student critical thinking skills.
  • End of chapter task procedures are included to promote proficiency in both knowledge and the skills associated with the particular task.

Table of Contents:

1. Residential Workplace Safety.
2. Hardware and Materials Used in Residential Wiring.
3. Tools Used in Residential Wiring.
4. Test and Measurement Instruments Used in Residential Wiring.
5. Understanding Residential Building Plans.
6. Determining Branch Circuit, Feeder Circuit, and Service Entrance Requirements.
7. Introduction to Residential Service Entrances.
8. Service Entrance Equipment and Installation.
9. General Requirements for Rough-In Wiring.
10. Electrical Box Installation
11. Cable Installation.
12. Raceway Installation.
13. Switching Circuit Installation.
14. Branch-Circuit Installation.
15. Special Residential Wiring Situations.
16. Video, Voice and Data Wiring Installation.
17. Lighting Fixture Installation.
18. Device Installation.
19. Service Panel Trim-Out.
20. Checking Out and Troubleshooting Electrical Wiring Systems.
21. Green Wiring Practices.
22. Alternative Energy System Installation.

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