Electrical Transformers and Rotating Machines

Third Edition
Author: Stephen L. Herman
ISBN #: 1111039135
©2012   Publish Date: 06/06/2011
Binding: PB
Pages: 608
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $174.95


Reflecting new technologies and the latest practices in the field, ELECTRICAL TRANSFORMERS AND ROTATING MACHINES, 3E delivers thorough coverage of theory and practical applications of electrical machines. It begins with a study of magnetism and magnetic induction, single-phase isolation transformers, current transformers, and autotransformers. A unit on three-phase power covers basic connections and calculations before proceeding into transformers. In addition, numerous experiments reinforce theory with hands-on application. A unique combination of transformers and motors makes this book an excellent resource for electrical students and practitioners alike.

Product Benefits:

  • Completely up to date, the new Third Edition of ELECTRICAL TRANSFORMERS AND ROTATING MACHINES reflects the latest practices in the field and includes thorough coverage of emerging technology.
  • More student-friendly than ever, the text is packed with new schematics and illustrations.
  • Energy saving tips are highlighted with a special icon.
  • It includes new information concerning series and parallel connection of transformer secondary windings.
  • New unit 20 covers motor nameplate data
  • Units covering the installation of transformers and motors reflect the changes in the 2011 NECĀ®.
  • Offering instructors more flexibility than ever, a powerful new Instructor Resource CD includes the Instructor Guide in PDF format, PowerPoint slides, and a Test Bank.
  • An excellent resource for anyone in the electrical trades, ELECTRICAL TRANSFORMERS AND ROTATING MACHINES, 3e delivers quick access to comprehensive information on single- and three- phase transformers, DC generators, and motors.
  • The text offers the ideal combination of theory and practical applications, providing valuable insight for readers interested in employment within the industrial electrical field.
  • Nine experiments integrated throughout the book give readers hands-on experience putting chapter theory and concepts into practice.

Table of Contents:

1. Magnetism.
2. Magnetic Induction.
3. Inductance in Alternating-Current Circuits.
4. Single-Phase Isolation Transformers.
5. Autotransformers.
6. Current Transformers.
7. Three-Phase Circuits.
8. Three-Phase Transformers.
9. Single-Phase Loads for Three-Phase Transformers.
10. Transformer Installation.
11. Transformer Cooling.
12. Transformer Maintenance.
13. Harmonics.
14. Direct Current Generators.
15. Direct Current Motors.
16. Alternators.
17. Three-Phase Motors.
18. Single-Phase Motors.
19. Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting.
20. Motor Nameplate Data.
21. Motor Installation.

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