Retail Analysis and Coaching Tools for the Salon and Spa (CD Version)

First Edition
Author: Milady
ISBN #: 1111540802
©2012   Publish Date: 07/22/2011
Binding: NB
Publisher: Milady

Price: $192.95


Did you exceed your retail sales goal this month? If not, you're missing out on one of your largest possible profit centers. Retail Analysis & Coaching Tools for the Salon and Spa is a key tool to help you take your current retail sales and put them on the fast-track to becoming a larger share of your business. Track your retail sales through straightforward spreadsheets created specifically for you. You'll soon understand how each interaction with your client is an opportunity to boost your bottom line and provide them with the best possible standard of service to keep them coming back.

Product Benefits:

  • Microsoft® Excel basics tutorial (for 2003 and 2007 editions).
  • Audio tutorials explain each spreadsheet and what it means to your business.
  • Simple spreadsheets allow you to enter your current numbers and see immediate calculations to accelerate goal-setting.
  • Accompanying workbook offers suggestions and guidance for implementing spreadsheets and understanding your retail business.

Table of Contents:

1. Client Demographics Spreadsheet.
2. Analysis of Discounting Spreadsheet.
3. Impact of Discounting Spreadsheet.
4. Existing and Potential Retail Spreadsheet.
5. Increase Technician Take-Home Spreadsheet.
6. Technician Goals Spreadsheet.
7. Inventory Analysis Spreadsheet.
8. Inventory Reorder Point Spreadsheet.
9. Return on Investment Spreadsheet.
10. Markup Calendar Spreadsheet.
11. Service Clients Spreadsheet.

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