Pharmacological Aspects of Nursing Care (Book Only)

Eighth Edition
Author: Bonita E. Broyles; Barry S. Reiss; Mary E. Evans
ISBN #: 1111319359
©2013   Publish Date: 01/01/2012
Binding: PB
Pages: 1152
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $199.95


Now in its eighth edition, PHARMACOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF NURSING CARE is a trusted resource for understanding the drugs utilized most frequently in patient care settings. Following a thorough introduction to drugs and their therapies, the book moves through the major drug classifications according to clinical use or the body systems they treat, integrating specific nursing practices and protocols along the way. Known for an easy-to-read writing style, logical organization, and advanced critical thinking features, the eighth edition of PHARMACOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF NURSING CARE includes helpful StudyWARE™ online, and coordinates with an expanded supplement package loaded with robust tools and technology designed to enhance your understanding of the material.

Product Benefits:

  • Updated and Revised Chapters: new research on cancer treatment drugs; condensed material on agents used in eye and ear disorders; expanded discussions on treatments for A.D.H.D., Alzheimer's Disease, osteoporosis, and fibromyalgia; updated terms and drug classifications; and much more!
  • All-New Features: In addition to new Evidence-Based Practice boxes, chapter references, and suggested readings in every chapter, the book includes dozens of new photos and color illustrations, and easy-to-understand drug tables to replace in-text discussions where appropriate.
  • Detailed Appendices: New appendices present important regulatory and supplemental information for nurses, including Pharmacologic Classifications, Immunization Schedules, the I.S.M.P.'s Lists of High-Alert Medications and Error-Prone Abbreviations, and The Joint Commission's Official 'Do Not Use' List.
  • Critical Drug Interactions: Added to all tables, planning and goals sections, and end-of-chapter review questions; thorough discussions of drug interactions and adverse effects keep readers abreast of problems that can arise with drug therapies.
  • Expanded Technology Supplements: In addition to the StudyWARE™ offered online, the available supplement package boasts powerful teaching and learning tools like Instructor Resources, WebTUTOR™ Advantage PLUS, premium website, and CourseMate.
  • Specific Processes and Protocols: Integrated throughout the readings, nursing protocols and nursing care plans help deliver a more thorough understanding of drugs and their actions within the context of nursing care.
  • Ideal Nursing Focus: Written by a nurse with decades of experience in several clinical areas, this book discusses practical drug uses and applications in patient care.
  • Unique Body-Systems Approach: Organized by major drug classifications, the second half of the book progresses logically through drug agents and their actions, identifying them by clinical use or the body systems they affect.
  • Helpful Anatomy and Physiology: Every chapter includes discussions of relevant anatomy and physiology in order to clarify the material for readers.
  • Enhanced Self-Test Features: Many extra features help students master the material efficiently, such as critical thinking exercises and case studies, end-of-chapter NCLEX-style questions, student StudyWARE™, an audio glossary, and more!

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