Clearing Concepts, A Guide to Acne Treatment

First Edition
Author: Mark Lees
ISBN #: 1133280315
©2014   Publish Date: 04/09/2013
Binding: PB
Pages: 239
Publisher: Milady

Price: $47.95


Acne is not just an adolescent concern; problem skin can continue into adulthood. Clearing Concepts: A Guide to Acne Treatment is a science-based practical guide for treating clients of all ages who are suffering from acne and other skin problems. The text is presented in an easy-to-read format that educates as it makes concepts clear and simple to implement. Sections on "treatment" demonstrate analysis techniques and clinical hands-on treatment methods. While there is no cure, acne and other skin problems can be brought under control through diligent topical esthetic care.

Product Benefits:

  • Full-color images outline typical skin problems and demonstrate treatment techniques that can be implemented immediately.
  • Information is presented to teach about ingredients rather than specific products.
  • Learn how to develop individualized treatments and effective, step-by-step, home-care programs.
  • Information about factors that cause or irritate acne-prone skin, including diet, environment, and cosmetics, helps to develop a proactive regimen.
  • A special chapter on medical treatment and referrals demonstrates how to work together with physicians in order to achieve whole, complete skincare results.
  • Various case studies with before and after treatment photos help relate the content to real world examples.

Table of Contents:

1. Acne Anatomy and Physiology.
2. Genetics and Heredity.
3. Hormones.
4. Environmental Factors.
5. Dietary Factors.
6. Cosmetic factors.
7. Myths and Facts.
8. Analysis/History/Consultation.
9. Clearing Concepts.
10. Clinic Treatments.
11. Referring Esthetic Clients For Medical Care.

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