Introduction to Paralegalism, Perspectives, Problems and Skills, Loose-Leaf Version

Eighth Edition
Author: William P. Statsky
ISBN #: 1337414018
©2016   Publish Date: 05/06/2016
Binding: LL
Pages: 928
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price: $149.95


Master the hands-on skills you'll need to succeed in a modern law office with INTRODUCTION TO PARALEGALISM, 8e. Ten critical skills are covered in the book: identifying legal issues, breaking rules into elements,applying rules to facts interviewing clients, investigating facts, digesting discovery documents, providing litigation assistance, researching the law, drafting documents, and representing clients at administrative agencies where authorized by law. Packed with real-life insights and real-world examples, the text helps you understand the ethical guidelines that lawyers and paralegals must follow and covers the efforts underway to regulate the profession in legislatures, courts, bar associations, and paralegal associations.

Product Benefits:

  • The book reflects the latest changes in the profession, including regulation and career opportunities.
  • Updated coverage of paralegal tasks, such as legal research and evidence management, reflects the realities of today's paralegal role.
  • Updated examples, assignments, hands-on activities, and charts help students master key concepts.
  • Comprehensive coverage of critical competency areas and key skills, such as research and writing and administrative tasks, prepare students for their role as an integral part of the legal team.
  • Numerous charts facilitate comparison of such topics as the different employment settings of paralegals and the variety of tests used by the court to define the practice of law.
  • Practical assignments and review questions allow students to apply each chapter's concepts.
  • Each chapter includes chapter outlines, checklists, chapter summaries, and key terms to help students master the material.
  • Links to websites allow students to explore up-to-date topics in further detail.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to a New Career in Law.
2. Paralegal Employment.
3. On-the-Job Realities: Assertiveness Training for Paralegals.
4. The Regulation of Paralegals.
5. Attorney Ethics and Paralegal Ethics.
6. Introduction to the Legal System.
7. Introduction to Legal Analysis.
8. Legal Interviewing.
9. Investigation in a Law Office.
10. Litigation Assistantship.
11. Legal Research.
12. Legal Writing.
13. An Introduction to the Use of Computers in a Law Office.
14. Introduction to Law Office Administration.
15. Informal and Administrative Advocacy.

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