Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests Student CD-ROM

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Author: Rick Daniels
Edition: 001
Product Type: CD ROM
ISBN 13: 9780766815094
ISBN 10: 0766815099
Copyright: 2002

Price: $183.00

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DELMAR's Guide to Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests CD-ROM contains a wealth of information on over 600 lab and diagnostic tests. Users may quickly and easily search for a particular test or diagnostic procedure on the basis of type of tests, name of test, body system, and more. In addition, users may also access much more information – including a database of over 40 clinical skills needed to collect specimens and perform tests!


  • Flexible Organization allows users to search for a tests however they desire ? alphabetically, body system, type of tests, etc.
  • Includes a step-by-step illustrated presentation of over 40 clinical skills required in order to perform a laboratory & diagnostic test (such as collecting a urine specimen).
  • Pronunciations Included ? both written and recorded, verbal pronunciations.
  • CD-ROM also includes sixteen case studies ? ten not included in the book ? that allow users to think about lab & tests from a nursing perspective.
  • Reference content on International Consideration, and Chapter on Standard Precautions reviews the generally accepted standards for reducing the risk of infection and or contamination.
  • Bulleted presentation of how to do test provides a easy to follow step-by-step guide.
  • Life span issues (such as pediatric, maternity, geriatric) addressed as appropriate.
  • Rural, Community, Home, and International considerations included as appropriate.
  • Clinic Alerts make new nurses aware of potentially dangerous situations.

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