Electronic Variable Speed Drives

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Author: Michael E. Brumbach
Edition: 003
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9781401889623
ISBN 10: 140188962X
Copyright: 2006

Price: $174.95

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This one-of-a-kind book gets its distinction from a total commitment to electronic variable speed drives and provides the essential information maintenance technicians need to understand DC and inverter drive technology. Logically structured, Electronic Variable Speed Drives, 3E begins with fundamental drive circuits and builds to an understanding of more complex drive circuits for improved learning. Troubleshooting and maintenance are emphasized throughout, and abundant waveform schematics help guide the reader's understanding of the theory of operation of the different types of drives and their circuitry. This updated third edition includes two new chapters on digital regenerative DC drives and frequency inverters, as well as the mechanical installation, electrical installation, set-up, tuning, programming, operating, and troubleshooting of each drive.


  • Coverage is basic enough for the novice drive user, yet comprehensive enough to include information related to setting up and troubleshooting drives
  • New topics include digital regenerative DC drives and the frequency inverter, bringing additional manufacturer-specific information to the book
  • Explanations and theory are presented in a clear, concise, no-nonsense manner with very little use of formulas
  • Thorough coverage of troubleshooting techniques is included, with an entire chapter devoted to DC drive troubleshooting and AC drive troubleshooting
  • Actual manufacturer's schematics enable readers to approximate the real world as they progress through the book
  • A refresher on DC and AC motor theory is included in the appendix, as well as coverage of solid-state devices as they relate to variable speed drive technology

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