Medical Terminology DVD Series

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Author: Delmar, Cengage Learning
Edition: 001
Product Type: DVD
ISBN 13: 9781418029609
ISBN 10: 1418029602
Copyright: 2005

Price: $4,378.95


Now available on DVD, this comprehensive series is designed for allied health and nursing students who are enrolled in medical terminology courses. The videos may be used in class to supplement a lecture or in a resource lab by users who want additional reinforcement. The series can also be used in distance learning programs as a telecourse. All tapes are self-contained and may be used in any order to meet the needs of the student. The videos simulate a typical medical terminology class. The on-camera "instructor" leads students through the various concepts, interspersing lectures with graphics, video clips, and illustrations to emphasize points. Tapes one and two contain introductory material to get students started on their study of medical terminology. The remaining twelve tapes each focus on the terminology related to specific body systems. This comprehensive series is invaluable to students trying to master the complex world of medical terminology.


  • Includes reviews throughout to provide users with immediate reinforcement of material
  • Includes animation and video to demonstrate procedures to aid more visual learners
  • Terms are broken up visually into prefix, root, and suffix to reinforce the concept of term building

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