Foundations of Nursing

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Author: Lois Elaine White; Gena Duncan; Wendy Baumle
Edition: 003
Product Type: Book w/Multimedia (CD, DVD or Electronic)
ISBN 13: 9781428317734
ISBN 10: 1428317732
Copyright: 2011

Price: $267.95

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  • Includes completely new chapters on bioterrorism; self-concept; rehabilitation, home health, long-term care, and hospice; and spirituality.
  • More critical thinking questions as well as 10 NCLEX style questions per chapter to help prepare students for the licensure examination.
  • Geriatric content added to Chapter 10, Lifespan Development, and is emphasized in Life Span Considerations boxes that appear throughout the text.
  • New concept maps and concept care maps, where appropriate, as well as new "Memory Tricks" feature that provides mnemonic devices for important concepts.
  • Exciting new interactive StudyWARE™ CD-ROM free with purchase provides chapter by chapter quizzes, games such as hangman and crossword puzzles, flashcard activities, animations of physiological processes, video clips of nursing procedures, and much more .
  • All procedures follow the detailed nursing process format. Procedures begin with an overview linking the procedure to text content, then list all equipment needed, then walk step-by-step through the nursing process to outline all details of the procedure, including photographs and line drawings as appropriate.
  • Numerous special features including Client Teaching, Professional Tips, Critical Thinking, Life Span Considerations, Community/Home Health Care, Cultural Considerations enrich the content and provide practical information the nurse can apply directly to practice.
  • Includes NIC/NOC references in Nursing Care Plans to reflect current practice.
  • Includes Nursing Management sections in all Nursing Process sections that emphasize the nurse's responsibilities in delivering safe, effective, and competent care.
  • Sample Nursing Care Plans provide a model for creating effective care plans (all updated to reflect the most current NANDA Definitions and Classifications), while Case Studies allow the reader to use critical thinking skills to develop additional care plans based on the information provided.

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