Illustrated Guide to the NEC

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Author: Charles R. Miller
Edition: 005
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9781435498136
ISBN 10: 1435498135
Copyright: 2011

Price: $129.95

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ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO THE NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE® 5E provides readers with a unique approach to mastering the Code, using highly-detailed, technically-accurate illustrations and visuals to break down and simplify the expanding volume and complexity of the 2011 National Electrical Code®. By translating the sometimes vague, complicated wording of the Code into straightforward illustrations and clear explanations, this book provides a resource that will facilitate comprehension and application of Code requirements for beginning and master electricians alike. Material is organized logically, covering fundamental provisions first, then grouping code requirements by the type of occupancy, beginning with one-family dwellings and progressing on to multi-family housing, commercial locations, and special occupancies. This organization also reflects how information is needed when working in the electrical industry, better preparing readers for the real world. The fifth edition of ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO THE NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE® discusses the new Code changes and shows some of these Code changes through new illustrations while incorporating other Code changes into existing illustrations. Its comprehensive coverage, innovative learning approach, and industry-based organization make this an indispensable supplement to the NEC® whether readers need information on a specific area or need to learn the complete Code.


  • Contains new code changes based on the 2011 National Electrical Code®; some code changes are shown through new illustrations while others are incorporated into existing illustrations.
  • Includes high quality Calculation Worksheets that provide your students with the most straightforward, error-proof method of performing essential, complex calculations.
  • Includes Unit Objectives that contain new ideas and set the stage for the topics to be covered.
  • Includes summaries in every chapter to reinforce what your students have learned and competency tests that check your students' comprehension and provide the opportunity for them to identify and re-learn difficult concepts.
  • Contains full color format that helps your students to better understand the concepts presented.
  • Instructor Resources CD includes an Instructors Guide that provides key illustrations that are ideal for transparencies, multiple comprehensive final exams, answers and explanations to unit competency tests, and a forms section which contains blank copies of all forms used throughout the book.

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