3-2-1 Calc! Comprehensive Dosage Calculations Online, V2.0: 2 year Printed Access Card

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Author: Anna M. Curren; Gloria D. Pickar, EdD, RN
Edition: 001
Product Type: Multimedia Bundle
ISBN 13: 9781435480315
ISBN 10: 1435480317
Copyright: 2013

Price: $147.00

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3-2-1 CALC! COMPREHENSIVE DOSAGE CALCULATIONS ONLINE V2.0 is a full, interactive course that teaches the mathematical formulas nurses and other health care workers need to calculate accurate drug dosages. You can compare calculations in all three calculation methods—formula, ratio-proportion, and dimensional analysis or choose the one method that works best for you. Nine modules thoroughly cover both basic and advanced calculations and you can practice what you've learned by answering practice questions, completing case studies or taking the module tests. Realistic drug labels, interactive syringes and videos complement the range of calculation competencies, from reading medication labels to calculation flow rates for heparin infusion. 3-2-1 CALC! COMPREHENSIVE DOSAGE CALCULATIONS ONLINE V2.0 is an affordable online course that offers clear, step-by-step explanations, a wealth of practice problems, along with interactive exercises, videos, a calculator, testing, and more!


  • Skill Builders allow learners to apply their knowledge of dosage calculations to special sets of practice questions randomly drawn from topics that meet criteria set by the user.
  • Performance Indicators pinpoint areas for improvement and provide easy navigation for review and practice.
  • Create and schedule secure tests, module test, mid-terms or final exams.
  • Expanded Instructor Functionality and Reporting allows you to monitor individual student as well as class progress.
  • Customizable Course Settings controlled by the instructor makes 321 Calc! ideal for any setting or curriculum.
  • Robust Testing Capabilities include access to an auxiliary bank of questions with solutions and special functions like scheduling, question selection and distribution options.
  • Performance Color Coding set by the instructor or individual learner provides a visual indication of areas of strength and areas for improvement.
  • Three methods of calculation with the ability to set your preferred method as the default.
  • Extensive math review module strengthens necessary math skills and reduces math anxiety.
  • Over 1500 questions make up practice tests, module tests and new skill builders for extensive practice.
  • Drop-down Calculator at your fingertips for easy access when you need it.

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