Electronics for Electricians

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Author: Stephen L. Herman
Edition: 004
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9780766828636
ISBN 10: 0766828638
Copyright: 2002

Price: $199.95

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Now in its fourth edition, Electronics for Electricians is written for apprentices and readers preparing for work in industrial settings. Components and circuits are explained in a clear-cut manner throughout the book, with emphasis on describing how they work, what they do, how to use them in a working circuit, and how to test them. With successfully proven laboratory experiments in every chapter, this book exposes readers to the electronic devices commonly found in industry as well as the circuit applications of those devices. In the process, it offers its readers a more practical and relevant path to understanding how electronics theory is applied in the electrical field.


  • New information on semi-conductor materials, metal oxide varistors, variable frequency drives, and LEDs is included in this edition.
  • A non-mathematical approach is used to ensure that electrical apprentices and readers easily understand the concepts at work, regardless of their academic backgrounds.
  • Experiments in the book use common, over-the-counter components that are relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain.
  • Chapter-end review questions allow readers to gauge their understanding before proceeding to the next topic.
  • Ohm's Law formulas, parts lists, schematic symbols, plus conversion factors for sine-wave voltages are contained in handy appendices.

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