Metal Fabrication Technology for Agriculture

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Author: Larry Jeffus
Edition: 001
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9781401815639
ISBN 10: 1401815634
Copyright: 2004

Price: $179.95

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Metal Fabrication Technology for Agriculture presents readers with a fast-paced, yet easy-to-understand introduction to must-know welding processes and techniques. Focusing squarely on agricultural welding applications, each section of this full-color book begins by introducing readers to the equipment and materials to be used in the process. Complete instructions for setup in preparation for welding are also included. Remaining chapters in the section allow readers to concentrate on mastering individual welding techniques in various applications and positions. Extensive coverage of brazing and specialized nonmetallic fabrication is designed to lead readers step-by-step in developing the skills necessary for welding all types of agricultural machinery. Up close shots of actual welds and proven-effective learning aids have also been built into every chapter, making this how-to and reference manual a key resource for today's farmers, ranchers, and students participating in agriculture education programs throughout the country.


  • experiments allow readers to develop new, hands-on skills while gaining an understanding of the parameters of each welding process discussed in the book
  • practices provide opportunities to fine-tune skills using different materials and different material thicknesses in a variety of positions
  • stand-alone chapters provide maximum flexibility, enabling users to pick and choose topics for study based on their particular needs or interests
  • fabricating, layout, assembly, and finishing techniques are covered, allowing students to put their welding skills to practical use

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