Health Unit Coordinator, 21st Century Professional

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Author: Donna J. Kuhns; Patricia Noonan Rice; Linda L. Winslow
Edition: 001
Product Type: Book w/Multimedia (CD, DVD or Electronic)
ISBN 13: 9781401827052
ISBN 10: 1401827055
Copyright: 2005

Price: $195.95

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The book thoroughly explains the health unit coordinating profession and its responsibilities from the stages of a learner to a job seeker to a new employee to a seasoned health care team member. The book can be used to learn the basics, to prepare for the national certification exam, as an on-the-job reference, and as a training resource for the health unit coordinator preceptor. The book addresses the health care environment and team members and the health unit coordinator's role in that environment in effectively transcribing the physician's orders and coordinating the non-clinical tasks.


  • Walks readers through everything they need to know to become a certified Health Unit Coordinator from the value of teamwork and the importance of patient confidentiality to administrative tasks such as transcription and record-keeping
  • Content is based on the NAHUC national certification exam content outline
  • Ideal as a study guide for the national certification exam
  • Emphasizes health unit coordinating as a profession
  • A FREE Transcription Practice CD-ROM allows learners clinical practice transcribing physicians? orders

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