Basic Medical Laboratory Techniques

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Author: Barbara H. Estridge; Anna P. Reynolds; Norma J. Walters
Edition: 004
Product Type: Bound Book
ISBN 13: 9780766812062
ISBN 10: 0766812065
Copyright: 2000

Price: $129.95

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This extensively revised, performance-based text covers the theory and techniques of basic medical laboratory procedures that are performed in physician office laboratories, small clinics, hospital laboratories, public health departments and point-of-care testing facilities. The procedures follow a user-friendly format that includes objectives, glossary, review questions, and a performance guide. This text includes 16 CLIA-waived tests, as well as some more complex tests, and incorporates up-to-date CLIA and OSHA safety regulations. This fourth-edition text is a comprehensive guide to all the essential laboratory techniques.

(Allied Health, Medical Lab Technicians, CLIA, OSHA, laboratory techniques)


  • Step-by-step performance guides help learners develop the laboratory skills needed for performance on the job
  • Thoughtful organization presents material in a manner that is easily learned
  • Numerous review questions allow readers to assess their progress
  • Focus on safety and quality control helps learners develop critical thinking skills about these important topics
  • Coverage of the medical assistant's role in physician office laboratories has been expanded to include competencies

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